Week in Brief – May 21-25

Looking for some of the week’s top information?  This week we are giving you five stories from the foodservice industry for May 21-25.

Nine-Year-Old Blogs About Her Unhealthy School Lunches, Shames School Into Making Change

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A little Scottish girl, Martha Payne, was getting fed up with being served school meals that usually contained more hair on it than fruits and veggies, so she decided to take a stand and blog about it.  The blog contained photos and vital statistics, in which she rated the taste, healthiness, and, of course, the number of hairs covering the food.  The blog became an international success (Jamie Oliver, developer of “Food Revolution” and proponent of anti-obesity projects quickly became a follower), and it resulted in the local council meeting with Martha’s father and an announcement that kids could have unlimited salad, fruit and bread.  Read the full article on

Size of Fast Food Burgers Have Tripled Since the 1950’s, According to CDC

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According to an infographic produced by the CDC, portion sizes at fast food restaurants have more than tripled in size compared to those served in the 1950’s, resulting in adults weighing in, on average, 26 pounds heavier.Box with a Hamburger and French Fries

In the 1950’s, restaurants served sodas at only seven oz.,  while nowadays, fast food restaurants are serving “Super-Size” drinks at 42 oz.  Hamburgers in the 1950’s were only 3.9 oz., but they are now cooked and served at 12 oz.  As for French fries, they weighed in at 2.4 oz. in the 1950’s, and now weigh, on average, 6.7 oz.

This alarming infographic was created the same week that another report, published in the journal Public Health Nutrition, revealed that 96% of the meals served in U.S. restaurants fail to meet federal nutrition recommendations due to the amount of calories, sodium, fat and saturated fat contained in each meal.  Read the full article at

NRA Show 2012 Exhibitors Donate Over 41,000 Meals to Chicago Food Depository

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After wrapping up a great show this year, exhibitors at the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show decided to donate any leftovers they had to the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD), which resulted in 41,710 meals given.  It was an astounding 5,000 more donated meals in 2012 than last year!

“We are so grateful to the National Restaurant Association and Show exhibitors for their donations to the Greater Chicago Food Depository,” said Kate Maehr, executive director and CEO of the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  “These donations are especially important as we serve 77 percent more people than we did four years ago.”

The meals were distributed through many different qualified GCFD agencies, such as food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and even day cares.  Read the full article at

McDonald’s Rejects Anti-Obesity Proposal Once Again

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Investors of McDonald’s Corporation once again rejected a shareholder proposal at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, asking the international fast-food chain to re-evaluate its menu’s impact on childhood obesity.

French FriesThe proposal, which was brought to attention last year and failed, returned to the floor again this year, due to increased focus on national and international social and financial costs of obesity.  Nearly one-third of children are overweight or obese in this country, making America the fattest country on earth.

McDonald’s Chief Executive, Jim Skinner (who is retiring June 30) defended the brand and its advertising at the shareholder meeting on Thursday, claiming, “We’re proud of the changes we’ve made to our menu.  We’ve done more than anybody in the industry around fruits and vegetables and variety and choice.”  His statement resulted in a standing ovation.  Read the full article at

Memorial Day Grill Goodies:  Burgers Recipes

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Memorial Day is next Monday, and we all know what that means…cooking out!  Here are some yummy burger recipes that will get your party craving for more. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Read the full article at


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