Celebrating Halloween in School Cafeterias

Halloween is a favorite holiday for a lot of people, especially children. Here are some ideas to help you plan your school’s Halloween celebration, specifically in the cafeteria.

Start off your students’ day right with a pumpkin-themed breakfast. Transform regular pancakes into “Flap-Jack-O-Laterns” or create an impressive fall-inspired French toast dish.

Take your lunch from ordinary to extraordinary just by using normal ingredients and taking it up a notch. Start off by serving up some spooky main courses, such as hot dog mummies, worms on a bun or making your own healthy (but still creepy) lunchables for the students. To quench everyone’s thirst, serve up bloody punch in a cauldron with a floating hand for ice.

Make some spooktacular sides to accompany your main courses. Halloween is a great holiday to use to your advantage when you want to sneak in fruits and vegetables by making it fun. These ideas are all very easy to do and won’t increase your cost. Take fruit cups (preferably orange ones, such as mandarin oranges or peaches) and use a permanent marker to draw on the lid and make a jack-o-lantern face. You can also do the same thing to clementine or tangerine oranges. Create a squashed gut side by using spaghetti squash and tomato sauce. You can add some dairy into the meal by using mozzarella sticks and make “finger food”.

Finish off the spooky, Halloween-themed meal by giving the students a real treat. Halloween dessert ideas are widespread and easy to find. Selected ideas range from brain cupcakes, to cookies in the shape of skulls or skeletons. There’s even a recipe for “corny cookies”. The choice is up to you and the possibilities are endless!

If you want your students to take home their dessert instead of enjoying it in the cafeteria, there are many ideas for treat bags to go. Popcorn might be the easiest way for a cheap treat which can be transformed into any flavoring or color you want! A variation of Chex Mix is also another cheap way to promote a sweet treat. Instead of a typical popcorn ball, try a Rice Krispie treat pumpkin!

Makeover your cafeteria into a spooky Halloween destination by having students create decorations, making your own or using these ideas for a cheap way to create a creepy atmosphere.

Finally provide some Halloween fun for your students to cap off the day right! Easy games include Halloween Bingo, pin the bowtie on Mr. Bones or pin the spider to the spider web. Gingerbread houses aren’t only for Christmas! Have the children create their own haunted mansion by using colored frosting and graham crackers.

If you’re still stumped for Halloween ideas, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest page and look for our Halloween Treats board!


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