Additional Resources for Disaster Relief – Restaurants and Businesses

Just after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, we posted the blog Disaster Recovery Resources for Restaurants and Business Owners.  We have found even more resources since we wanted to share.

Phones down? Free Phone Service

For companies experiencing down phone lines, Twilio, a cloud communications company, has announced they are providing free phone service to businesses in New York and New Jersey that have lost connectivity.

“We’ll  help build a temporary replacement phone line for you.  You’ll be connected with a Twilio volunteer who will build you a temporary phone tree, call queue or voicemail system to help your business operate until your service is restored,” they said.  Put in a request through their Hurricane Sandy Phone Recovery Program.

Tips for Insurance Claims

The National Restaurant Association has put together a few steps for restaurants for filing insurance claims.  Read full details on the NRA’s website.

Loans, Temporary Placement and Other Emergency Assistance

The Union Square Partnership (USP) has listed on their website New York City business assistance programs for small, mid-sized and large businesses.  Also, while it won’t necessarily work for a kitchen, they stated there is “short-term swing office space” at the Brooklyn Army terminal–free of charge.

Call 311 and ask for NYC business solutions for details.  You can also call 311 and speak with someone in NYC business solutions about the SBS Business Outreach Team and Emergency Response Unit’s Large Scale Response Team. USP has also provided a bullet list of to-dos after a major disaster.

IRS Return Filing and Tax Payments

The IRS has pushed back their deadline for return filing and tax payment for businesses affected by the hurricane to Feb. 1, 2013.  For more information visit the IRS’ Tax Relief Disaster Situations page.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance

The federal program Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) provides financial assistance to those who have become unemployed due to a major disaster declared by the President.  If you fall in this category, visit UnemployedWorkers.org to see if you qualify and how you can apply.

FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers

FEMA has disaster recovery centers set up so those in need of assistance programs can apply, get more information, etc.  Search for a disaster recovery center in your area, and visit their website for information about services.

Gluten-Free/Allergy Free

If you are looking for places to donate gluten-free or allergy-free foods, Sloane Miller of Allergic Girl Inc. has provided a list of resources for New York and New Jersey.  Erin Smith of Gluten-Free Fun has also provided information on her blog as well. Keep in mind when making any type of donation (food, clothing, etc), please check with the agency/location in advance to make sure you are providing them with a donation they can accept.



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