10 Helpful Tips For Your Restaurant

Owning a restaurant can be difficult – you need to know a lot about your facility to have a successful business.  Central has compiled some helpful tips that range from dining room apparel to cleaning supplies to keep your restaurant in tip top shape.

Dining Room

  • Don’t Know What Size Gloves To Order? Gloves need to fit properly in order to ensure proper sanitary and safety conditions. To measure, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your palm. This measurement is closest to your actual glove size shown in the chart on this link.
  • Keep Your Liquor Pourers Clean! Pourers allow a smooth flow of liquid out of a bottle by providing a path for air to enter the bottle. Liquid will not come out of the bottle if the air vent is blocked. You need to clean your pourers so that sugar cannot build up inside the vents. For information on the dos and don’ts of pourer cleaning, click here!
  • Are Your Bar Glasses Crystal Clear? Everyone wants a nice-looking, freshly cleaned glass when they order a drink at a restaurant, so make sure yours are sparkling! Glass washers are designed to fit in any bar sink and are best used with a three compartment sink. The first compartment contains the washer, luke warm water and liquid detergent. The second compartment should have clean water while the third should have clean water with a sanitizer.
  • Easily Turn Any Table Into A Showpiece! Looking to turn your table from boring to wow-worthy? Consider an ice sculpture! Ice sculpture models that are filled with tap water will turn out bright white. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze it for 48 to 72 hours. Cut away the mold starting at the base. Sculptures lasts for about four to five hours at room temperature, and last longer in cooler temperatures!
  • Think Ahead, So Your Chafers Are Ready When  You Are When you’re catering a big event, your worst fear is unappealing, cold food! Don’t let this happen to you! Ensure warm food by heating water in your chafer before dropping in your hot food pans about 20 minutes before you’re supposed to serve. Don’t forget to light the fuel either!
  • How Many Bar Glasses Do You Need? Estimating how many glasses you need for your restaurant can be a chore, so take the guess-work out of it and use our handy chart!
  • Ordering The Correct Glass Rack Size  It’s important to remember to choose a glass rack that has a greater compartment size than the maximum diameter of your glass. Also, select a rack that has a higher height than your glass.

Food Preparation

  • Advantages Of Cooking With Steam  Steam cooking has been around for thousands of years, and has many benefits. Here are some of the advantages: 1. “Steam-cooked foods look much brighter and fresher than those foods cooked by other methods. 2. Steam cooking saves energy. 3. Steam cooking retains more nutrients in the food. For example, a food that is steam-cooked loses 40% of its original amount of Vitamin C. A food that is boiled loses 70%. 5. Foods are more tender at the end of cooking. 6. You can use less fat additives when cooking with steam because you won’t need to use oils to keep food from sticking.” This information about cooking with steam is from our helpful link, located here.


  • Choosing The Best Ice Machine For Your Needs Ice machines are essential to any business in the foodservice industry. It’s important to choose the correct one to ensure you’re getting the most out of your machine. First, you must choose between air cooled and water cooled machines. Air cooled machines remove the heat from the water and into the air surrounding the machine. Water cooled machines remove the heat from the water by moving that heat into waste water. These machines are quieter, but use more water than air cooled ones. Click here for a chart that helps you choose what level of ice production you’ll need for your business.


  • Installing Your Grease Interceptor & What Size You Need A grease interceptor should be installed as close to the fixture it is servicing as possible. An interceptor is crucial because it prevents grease from accumulating in the piping. Consult a professional for help with installation. A helpful calculation  can determine the correct size for your kitchen.

Buying for your restaurant can be a hard task. Choosing the right equipment is essential to a profitable business, yet it can be complicated. Central has also put together buying guides to help you make the best informed decision you can.


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