Excel XLERATOR Hand Dryers Speed Up Dry Time

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It’s so unpleasant having to use a public restroom with a hand dryer that takes too long.  Many times your hands are still damp, leaving you no choice but to pat them on your pants because you just don’t have another 60 seconds to stand there and wait.

And you bet if it bothers you, it’s bothering your employees and customers too.

Denis Gagnon, owner of Excel Dryer Inc., also despised using hand dryers, finding them to be very time consuming and inefficient.

So what did he do?

He teamed up with three former rocket scientists who enjoy spending their time improving ways of every day life. Hence, the XLERATOR Hand Dryer.  It’s 95 percent more cost effective than paper towels, and dries three times faster than standard hand dryers. It takes nearly 10 seconds to dry one’s hands with the XLERATOR, which is about the same amount of time it takes to dry hands with a paper towel.

Investing in an XLERATOR Hand Dryer for your business will help your establishment become more eco-friendly, make customers appreciate you more and will get employees back to work more quickly. As an added bonus, they are available in more colors than just white.  To match any restroom’s decor, we also sell them in chrome, brushed finish stainless steel and graphite zinc die-cast.

Click to watch an episode of Inventions We Love To Hate featuring the XLERATOR Hand Dryer.

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