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Panasonic: Commercial vs. Consumer Microwaves

Snap 2012-12-27 at 09.30.29 Whether it be to defrost, cook or heat up food, microwaves are a necessity for a restaurant’s kitchen. Commercial microwaves are key because of their NSF listing and other benefits. This week’s video features Panasonic representatives talking about the differences between commercial and consumer microwaves.

There are four main points differentiating the two types of microwaves. Commercial microwaves are required to have four points. First, the hinges on commercial microwaves are durable enough to be opened and closed on over 200,000 occasions while household microwaves can only handle about 100,000. Panasonic commercial microwavesSnap 2012-12-27 at 09.31.10 actually double the hinge usage up to 400,000 before you see any wear. Secondly, there is no turntable in a commercial microwave unlike the ones you commonly see in homes. Instead of rotating the actual food, the energy inside rotates which brings about more evenness in cooking.

Third, commercial microwaves must have a National Sanitation Foundation rating for cleanability. This makes the microwave easy to clean in crevices and cracks, where a turntable microwave doesn’t allow you to do so. The last point involves insurance. Insurance companies want to make sure your restaurant is up to code with all of the equipment in your kitchen so make sure your commercial Snap 2012-12-27 at 09.32.31microwave is sized right.

Watch this week’s video for more details about commercial and consumer microwaves.


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