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Chef’s New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – everyone seems to have one, including chefs. People want to do or change something about themselves or others to make the new year a great one. Lose weight, quit smoking, get a new job, save money,  travel and try new food are some of the most popular options.Chef Chopping Vegetables at Restaurant

Michael Lightner, a chef at Atera, New York shared with Conde Nast Traveler he wants to visit Faviken farm in Sweden, take a trip to Brazil and eat wild tropical fruits and go back to Texas to eat barbeque and bask in the warmth.

Readers and contributors to the Washington Post’s Food section shared that they would like to DIY more, not leave as many dirty dishes in the sink, throw away old food in the refrigerator, equip a better foodstock for the freezer and pantry and finally, drink more wine. interviewed many chefs, including famous ones, about what they’d like to do in 2013. Chef Richard Blais from The Spence in Atlanta shared, “Spend more quality time with my staff. I want to make more of a commitment to team building & nurturing this year. Cook more great vegetables. Especially for the chef in me that cooks at home. I want to tell more vegetable stories this year. Home foraging. Foraging is cliché now, but last year I found a pecan tree in my yard… My kids and I collected juniper berries at the park yesterday. Great food is all around us. Continue to buy great ingredients. Want to know how to start a great restaurant? Buy fruitgreat ingredients.” Click here to read his resolution in its entirety.

Marcus Samuelsson from the Red Rooster in New York touched on what many of us would like to see, “The one thing I resolve to do every year is to make more time…is that even possible? For 2013 I want to be able to spend more time with my family or fishing at my house in Smoegen. I hope to make that happen.”

Our Facebook and Twitter fans even have their own New Year’s Resolutions! Lawrence Russo stated, “Trying to eat Paleo this year to see if it really helps lose weight and boost energy.”

The NY Slice shared, “We have just added wings to our menu. We have Hot, Spicy Garlic, Sriracha and BBQ wings.”

Peerless Ovens revealed, “The staff at Peerless Ovens is looking to provide the best customer service in the industry in 2013. Our customers are like family, and we have some new things in store for them throughout this new year!”

Yogulatte said, “Actually we have a few resolutions this year. We want to continually offer new and better products. We want to expand our breakfast menu. And -as always- we want to continue to improve the customer service we provide!”

Erin in Indy (@indyrestscene) told us she’s “Not so much a resolution kind of gal, but need to get back into exercise routine that has slipped a bit in last few months.”wings

Sloane Miller (@allergicgirl) explained, “I believe change can and should happen any time, like right now! So I don’t have a list per se for 2013, it’s a fluid process. I just moved my childhood piano to my apartment. I imagine all kinds of interesting piano-type activities will ensue.”


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