Rubbermaid’s ProSave™ Dual Action Lid

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Rubbermaid ProSave Dual Action Lid

Do you ever experience problems trying to figure out where to place a food box lid after taking it off? If you setRubbermaid's  ProSave Dual Action Lid it on the floor or a different counterspace, you could be cross-contaminating the lid.

Rubbermaid’s answer to this everyday problem is the ProSave™ Dual Action Lid. The lid is made of polypropelene which is a softer type of plastic. All you need to do to secure the lid is slide the lid to the back corner and push down. Slide the front lid back to push down on the front corners, and you’re all set!

Rubbermaid's ProSave Dual Action Lid

One of the biggest benefits to the ProSave™ Dual Action Lid is you can slide and flip open the lid so you can have easy, one-handed access to the food. There are two sizes for the lids: half size and full size. The ProSave™ Dual Action Lid fits all major brands of clear food boxes.

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