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School Foodservice News for 2013 and Equipment Information

With the second semester of the school year starting, it’s time to get updated on the latest school foodservice news. Below is a list of school foodservice news and events for the 2013 spring semester.

School Foodservice News

School Nutrition Association Announces New Customizable Brochure

The School Nutrition Association (SNA) has created a brochure for the 2012/2013 school year.  This is for school foodservices to distribute to families  and has revised nutrition guidelines, information about MyPlate and other healthy eating tips.  SNA said they made the brochure completely customizable to enable schools to use their own branding.

school foodserviceSchool Nutrition Dietary Assessment Study IV Results

The results of the USDA’s school nutrition dietary assessment study (IV) are now available from the 2009/2010 school year.  Highlights they listed include:

  • Over 80 percent of school districts banned or restricted sweetened beverages
  • Over 75 percent of schools banned or restricted certain snack foods
  • Around 80 percent of low-income students participating in the National School Lunch Program  (NSLP) qualified for free meals and between 32 and 45 percent of students participating in the School Breakfast Program (SBP) qualified for free meals
  • Just over 50 percent of schools used traditional food-based menu planning.  20 percent used enhanced food-based and 27 percent used nutrient-based.
  • 80 percent of schools prepared meals on-site
  • 91 percent of foodservices said all their schools use the USDA’s required food safety plan

View the USDA’s assessment in full.

Revised Nutritional Guidelines

School foodservices need to review the additional changes have been made to the school nutrition guidelines.  These were made after the final rule came out in 2012 and have become relaxed from the original guidelines.  The changes include separation of vegetables and fruit, meat/meat alternatives, milk and fruits.

USDA Memos

The USDA released quite a few memos in December 2012 that some school foodservices and districts may want to review:

school foodservice

Upcoming School Foodservice Events in 2013

Child Nutrition Industry Conference

January 13-15

Held by the SNA in San Antonio, Texas.  This conference provides school foodservices with current concepts and best-practices for school nutrition excellence. This year’s theme is “Where Partners Create Possibilities.”

National School Breakfast Week

March 4-8

Celebration of the school breakfast program with sweepstakes, menu ideas, special merchandise, tool kits and helpful tips.  It also includes the “Who’s Your School Breakfast Star?” writing contest.

School Nutrition Employee Week

May 7-11

Celebrate and recognize school nutrition employees.

SNA Annual National Conference

July 14-17

National event held in Kansas City, Mo., for school foodservice professionals to come together, participate in sessions, view exhibits and open doors to networking opportunities.

school foodservice

National School Lunch Week

October 15-19

Celebrate positive changes made in the United State’s school lunch program and provide tips and guides for future success. (Dates below are from 2012, keep an eye out for 2013 dates in the upcoming months).

School Foodservice Equipment and Supplies

For schools in need of new foodservice equipment or supplies for the second semester of the 2012/2013 school year, visit the school products portion of the Central website.

Many of Central’s manufacturers have provided exclusive warranties for schools which are listed on the lower part of the school products page.  Buying guides are also available.  For additional information or questions, call 800-215-9293.


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