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Vulcan VC Series™ Gas Convection Ovens: Durability and Energy Savings

Vulcan VC Series™ gas convection ovens are a line of heavy duty, quality ovens that truly utilize everything they’re made of. With such versatility, they are perfect for any foodservice establishment that serves a wide variety of baked, rethermalized or roasted foods.

Vulcan VC Series gas convection ovenFeatures and Benefits of Vulcan VC Series™ Gas Convection Ovens

Vulcan didn’t cut any corners with the the VC™ Series ovens.  They feature a heavy duty construction, heavy duty doors and cool-to-the-touch door handles. They also have simple controls that do not require a lot of training, which makes it easy for anyone in the kitchen to learn.

One of the unique features about these ovens is how many BTUs they utilize. Instead of the typical 70,000 to 90,000 BTUs, Kenny Graven, sales and marketing manager for Vulcan’s oven division, said they only use 44,000 BTUs.  For those skeptical, he explained it’s plenty and provides better quality products by delivering a little bit less heat into the cavity.

Vulcan VC Series gas convection ovenMore Effective Baking

Graven said Vulcan recognized baking as one of the hardest tasks for a convection oven since typically they’re used to rethermalize and roast.  So they put their heads together and came up with a strategy to deliver an oven that provides a consistent quality of bake.

To make the Vulcan VC Series™ ovens provide a better experience, Graven said it’s better to maintain a static temperature flow inside the oven with a gentle ramp up of energy inside the cavity to deliver a little bit of heat into that cavity. By using a little bit less intense heat, it provides for a better product.

Vulcan VC Series gas convection ovenCan We Say Energy Savings?

Most of the heat in a Vulcan VC Series™ gas convection oven stays in the oven. What does that mean for your kitchen? This Energy Star rated product maintains most of the heat energy in the cavity and doesn’t let it escape through the side panels, doors, etc. This takes all the energy you’ve paid for and puts it right back into the product.

Find More and Shop Vulcan VC Series™ Gas Convection Ovens

For more information, watch a video from Vulcan and shop online for the Vulcan VC Series™ gas convection oven best for your foodservice establishment.




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