Ice-O-Matic’s Top Air Discharge Maximizes Production in a Small Space

Ice-O-Matic Cuber Head with Top Air Discharge

Equipment placement in a kitchen is important, especially when it comes to where the air is discharged from.  Ice-O-Matic has an exclusive “top air discharge” option for their ice machine cuber heads that may really make a difference in many kitchens.

Ice-O-MaticFeatures and Benefits

Ice-O-Matic’s top air discharge is an optional feature with their 30 inch series ice cube machines.  It helps to maximize ice production in a small space.

As opposed to being on the side, where hot air can be blown into the work environment, air on these units is blown out of the top.

It may seem simple, but it can really help improve a workspace by eliminating the need for side clearance.

Blocking airflow for any piece of foodservice equipment can cause serious issues–so it’s important to have it installed correctly the first time.

In addition to air discharge, these Ice-O-Matic cuber heads are available with air cooling.  The heat on air-cooled machines is exhausted into surrounding areas and production slows down as intake air temperature rises.  They also need clearance for air flow.

Ice-O-Matic units available at Central with top air discharge range from 336 pounds of capacity to 1469 pounds.

Central has a special running through the end of July 2013 for a free water filter system with the purchase of an Ice-O-Matic machine.  This is a $177 value and it’s included with a purchase.

Find More and Shop Ice-O-Matic Cuber Heads with Top Air Discharge

For more information, watch a video from Ice-O-Matic and shop online for the Ice-O-Matic cuber head best for your foodservice establishment.


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