The History of Cambro Manufacturing

Cambro Tray Who knew a single tray could create a globally known foodservice industry manufacturer? The Cambro Manufacturing Company was founded by two brothers, Bill and Argyle Campbell, in 1951. Bill invented the Camtray® and Argyle began selling the tray to the American Hospital Supply Corporation. The Camtray®’s popularity spread like wildfire throughout restaurant, hotel, school and cafeteria operators and became an industry standard.

Cambro grew substantially throughout the 1960’s, inventing the first plastic food pan and first clear food storage container. They also started producing Camcover® plate covers, drinkware, dinnerware and serving bowls. Cambro wanted to create products that would be long lasting and would answer to any operators’ storage needs. They also created the FlipLid®, GripLid® and SlidingLid™ during the 1960s to help keep food fresh and stored properly.Cambro Versa Food Bar

Cambro made history in the early 1970s when they combined plastic molding with foam insulation to create a full line of insulated food and beverage containers. These containers kept food at their correct temperatures, whether hot or cold. Cambro used this innovative insulation technique to create more merchandising equipment such as the CamKiosk®, Cambars®, Salad Bars, Ice Caddies and more.

Starting in the 1980s, Cambro began to export and become a global company. They acquired two European tray manufacturing companies which allowed them to expand throughout Europe and expand their tray lines. Cambro now sells products worldwide and have international sales representatives.Cambro Hot Food Pans

Cambro continues to use the help of foodservice operators to design and create more innovative products that solves the everyday problems an operator sees. After being in business for over 55 years, Cambro still enhances and adds more products to their lines daily, creating high quality products for the foodservice industry.

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