Easter Restaurant Ideas: From Decor to the Menu

With Easter coming up on Sunday March 31, if you haven’t already, now is the time to plan something special for your customers.  (Or make your plans for where to dine).

EasterEaster Decor

Liven up the look and feel of the establishment with pastel colored eggs, tulips or candy baskets.   The holiday has different meanings to different people, so you can always play it safe by sticking to the basics.  Other great spring flowers to place on your tables include cherry blossoms, daisies, daffodils, gerber daisies or lilies.  Find a local florist to help you with an Easter flower centerpiece.  Also, some food suppliers can provide flowers, so check with yours to see if you can have them brought in with your next delivery.

Candy is also another simple add for Easter.  This could be a really unique centerpiece or gift to leave with all the guests including various pastel Easter-themed candy such as chocolate bunnies, peeps or Cadbury eggs.

If you have a special Easter themed menu items, if it’s appropriate, print it on an Easter colored sheet of paper and/or include small Easter graphics.  Keep it simple though, your menu is what’s important. You can also update the pages on your website, similar to what Mia Francesa Italian Restaurant of Raleigh, N.C.,  did.

Brunch; Image by Myriam M.J. Rondeau

Image by Myriam M.J. Rondeau

Menu Ideas

Brunch and lunch are quite popular on Easter Sunday.  The timing is ideal for those getting the day going with family or possibly after a church service–but there are breakfast and lunch offerings too.  Some ideas from restaurants around the country include:


People are already making plans, so the advertising needs to start as soon as possible.  Tell diners what the special would be, for instance many establishments are promoting an Easter brunch. If you’re taking reservations, be sure to mention that along with contact information. Post your specials on your website and all social media platforms.

Your website in particular will allow you to discuss the specifics in further detail such as the menu, drink specials, desserts, pricing, activities and more.  For example, Hotel Metro in Milwaukee, Wis. is hosting a Metro champagne brunch and has placed all the information on their website.

With social media, depending on the platform your space will be limited.  For sites like Facebook or Google+ where there isn’t a limit on characters, use it to your advantage, but don’t go overboard.  People only want to read so much.  Even better, post it in a picture similar to what Buca di Beppos has done.

You can take it a step forward and temporarily update your cover photo as well, especially now that Facebook has loosened up on some of their strict cover photo policies. With Twitter, you only have 140 characters so choose your message wisely.  Post what’s most important, followed by a link with more information.

EasterActivities and Specials

Who says restaurants can’t host Easter activities? As long as they aren’t in the way of patrons eating their meal, go for it! For children, you can go big with an Easter egg hunt if you have decent outdoor space, or indoor space that isn’t around other patrons.  You could also keep it simple and provide Easter-themed coloring pages.

Extending onto the coloring idea, offer to hang up their artwork after they’re finished.

You could also create a decorating opportunity for eggs, desserts, etc. Many children enjoy visiting the Easter Bunny, so if you’re establishment is typically filled with children, you may want to make sure he pays a visit.

Big “dine-out” events are great opportunities to make sure people come back.  This could include providing a bounce-back coupon upon giving them their check such as a percentage off or free menu item for their next visit. Keeping Easter-themed, you could host some sort of giveaway with a prize inside an egg.


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