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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Restaurants 2013

Don’t miss out on a big business opportunity by not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! This day draws in a big crowd for bars and restaurants alike. People are looking to eat some Irish food, drink special drinks, be entertained and most of all, have fun! Not sure what to do for your own restaurant? It’s not too late to plan a special event! Here are some ideas where you can incorporate an Irish-themed event into your restaurant!


ShamrocksNo one is going to know about your special event if they haven’t heard about it or seen it! Make sure you step up your advertising game to really stand out from the competing restaurants. Advertise your party by putting up signs down the street, handing out flyers and most importantly by social media. Social media is one of the easiest ways to get your message out without having to deal with a cost.

Get creative with the ads and make them festive by putting green on the invite so it matches what the party’s all about. This is a great way to let everyone know what your restaurant is offering and why patrons should make your restaurant the place to be on the 17th.


If you’re having a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you must make your restaurant fit the theme! Gather up as many green and Irish-themed decorations as you can think of! Shamrock beads, leprechaun hats, tinsel garland, beer sunglasses, green boas, green glowsticks…the possibilities are endless!

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Decorations don’t have to be expensive either! Make your own (and have your staff help you) by making clovers out of construction paper, buy cheap leis at a local party store or go traditional by purchasing some cheap green beads. Have a big banner welcoming guests either inside or outside of your restaurant! Make sure it stands out and gets a crowd to notice you and not anyone else!


Guests will love your restaurant even more if you offer them  something in return as a way to thank them for making your establishment the place to go on St. Patrick’s Day. Offer a coupon for a percentage off their next meal, or offer a free appetizer or dessert, just to get them back in your door again.

Have contests or games throughout the day to entertain your guests. Have a St. Patrick’s Day trivia game, or have a costume contest to see who wore the most green! Prizes can range anywhere from gift cards, t shirts or just a free drink. If you’re up to it, hire an Irish dancing team or live music entertainment. These activities will really make your guests get in the Irish spirit!

Food and Drink

Many people come out to restaurants and bars on St. Patrick’s Day for the food and drink. An Irish-themed menu is sure to make guests come in. Irish food isn’t expensive and fairly easy! Serve up classics like corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, potatoes or Guinness cupcakes or brownies for dessert! If your restaurant normally doesn’t offer Irish FeastIrish food, you can create one or two smaller menu items, such as appetizers, for people to order on the side and make them part of a special deal!

To really bring in your guests, gear your drink menu towards an Irish theme! Have your Irish liquor and beer discounted at a special St. Patrick’s Day price and incorporate them into some specials. A few drink ideas you can create are: Guinness floats, Irish coffee, Gaelic Flip or Magners Original Cider. Many patrons are looking to drink some green beer come St. Patrick’s Day so it might be worth the while to try and get a hold of some! There are a ton of drink recipes online if you’re looking for a more unique drink to serve up!

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations can return a big profit for restaurants and bars alike. Why not partake in the festivities? These ideas can be extremely cheap and handmade – you don’t have to shell out a lot of gold to have a successful celebration!

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