Cambro StoreSafe Containers

Cambro’s 5 Steps To Food Safety

Cambro Food Storage Containers

Food Safety is one of the most important ingredients to a successful restaurant. Food should be properly stored and labeled so that there is no chance of cross contamination, spilling or ruined food product. Cambro’s StoreSafe containers help foodservice operators save money and enhance their food safety efforts.

Proper Food Storage Containers

Cambro’s containers not only make foodservice operator’s jobs easier every day, but they help store, deliver and serve food safely to customers. Improperly Cambro StoreSafe Containersstored food becomes exposed to cross contamination and decreases food quality. A tight-fitting, sealed lid can make all the difference when storing food.

5 Steps To Food Safety

  1. Store products in clear containers with tight-fitting lids to minimize handling and reduce contamination risks.
  2. Separate all raw and cooked products. Cover with proper lids to protect from contaminates. A proper lid provides better protection from spills and contamination than plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
  3. Cover, label and date all storage containers with dissolvable labels to prevent bacteria from growing and forming on sticky residue labels.
  4. Rotate the food using the First-In, First-Out System. This ensures oldest food is used first, and to make sure you don’t forget about old product.
  5. Maximize storage space with square containers. SquCambro StoreSafe Containersare containers allow you to not only fit more into your storage space, but they also stack easily.

Cambro’s StoreSafe containers help foodservice operators save money from not wasting good product that went bad, and ensures properly stored food for no contamination. If you’re interested in a money saving, safe storage solution, shop Central’s selection of Cambro food storage boxes. Watch this week’s video to find out how you can benefit from these five easy steps.


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