Serve Safe Food Anytime, Anyplace With Cambro’s Hand Sink Cart!

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Cambro’s Hand Sink Cart

Cambro’s Hand Sink Cart is perfect for non-traditional locations where handwashing is required. Handwashing is especially crucial in the foodservice industry because every business needs to serve safe food, and a mobile unit is the best answer when sinks and bathrooms aren’t present.

Features and BenefitsCambro Hand Sink Cart

Cambro’s Hand Sink Cart is lightweight and easy to move around, making it perfect for festivals and events where sinks and plumbing structures won’t be present. The self-contained cart is designed to allow workers to thoroughly wash their hands while working, reducing the risk of dirty hands contaminating food.

The Hand Sink Cart includes a double sink, two 5 gallon fresh water tanks and two 7 ½ gallon tanks for dirty water. These tanks hold enough for up to 70 hot or cold hand washes. The internal hot water heater can heat 2 ½ gallons of water in as little as ten minutes. A paper towel roll holder and soap dispenser are also included, completing the cart.

Cambro Hand Sink CartThe Hand Sink Cart is constructed with polyethylene and will not break, bubble, chip, crack or dent. The water pump is NSF approved, and you can select 110V or 220V operation.

This cart sends the right message that you’re serious about serving safe food, regardless of wherever you are. Your foodservice operation can handle and serve safe food, regardless of having proper plumbing. Shop Central for the Cambro Hand Sink Cart and watch the video.


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