waring waffle maker

Waring Commercial Waffle Makers Are Productive With Small Footprint

Waring Commercial Waffle Maker

Sometimes the simplest of solutions can make a world of a difference in productivity. One of these solutions can be found at Waring with their commercial waffle makers, especially the “two-in-one” unit.  Waring created these waffle makers with the end user in mind and use commercial-grade housing and heating components that aren’t matched in the industry.

waring waffle makerDurability and Productivity

Waring’s waffle makers have a heavy die-case housing, 180° rotary feature for even baking and browning and embedded heating elements for precise temperature control and quicker heat-up and recovery.  Their triple-coated nonstick plates make removing cooked waffles quick and easy.  The plates and extra deep drip pan makes for a quick and easy clean-up as well.

Waring has two models of their waffle makers for restaurants and foodservices to choose from. Their single waffle maker has 1200 watts and can produce up to 35 one inch thick Belgian waffles per hour. Their double waffle maker has 1400 watts and can produce up to 50 one inch thick Belgian waffles per hour.

Once someone pours the batter into the cooking chamber(s), they simply close the lid.  The waffle maker’s green ready light will come on when the product is ready, and it will beep at the same time.

waffle makerDouble Unit Has Space Saving Design

Waring’s double waffle maker helps restaurants and foodservices be extremely productive as it can cook two waffles in one small vertical unit. In addition to two separate cooking chambers, they each also have independent “ready lights” with audio beep signals that notify chefs when the waffles are ready.

So, in just a short amount of time, kitchens can prepare waffles, top them with fruit and powdered sugar and be on to the next order!


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