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Central Restaurant Products Celebrates Annual “1010 Day”

Central Restaurant Products “1010 Day” History

Over Central Restaurant Products’ 32 years in business, we’ve celebrated “1010 Day” almost every year for the past 12.  “1010 Day” is our founders day and takes place on, or close to, October 10. To celebrate, we take a few hours out of our day to eat lunch and play games.

The name and date of the event, and our company name for that matter, comes from our original location: 1010 Central Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. We have since moved to the northwest side of the city (7750 Georgetown Road) to accommodate the foodservice industry’s increasing demand of equipment and supplies.

Central Restaurant Products

Food and Activities

The event kicked off with an italian lunch from Bluebakes Inc. at 12 p.m. Employees enjoyed salad, bread and lasagna.  Ice cream donated from Sesco was available as well.

After lunch was over, everyone moved outside to our back lawn to take a company photo. The weather was impeccable with blue skies and temperatures in the 70s. This was such a relief as temperatures were at record lows last October 10–and everyone felt it.

Once the picture was taken, everyone dispersed for games.  This year everyone was able to play bingo, putt-putt, corn hole, high striker, and basketball shooting.

Central Restaurant Products golfWinners of the games consisted of:

  • Bingo Most Wins: Susan VanWort
  • Bingo Coverall: Danielle Deppert and Brett Cunningham
  • Putt-Putt: Jacob Seprodi
  • Corn Hole: Nat Norris & Nathan Smith (they take over almost every year!)
  • Hi Striker: T.J. Bradley
  • Basketball: Drew Johnson

Visit our Facebook page to see all photos from our “1010 Day” celebration. It was a very successful event!

Side note: Historic Indianapolis has a very interesting article about the history of 1010 Central Ave. It mostly covers the time leading up to when Central Restaurant Products occupied the space.  It also mentions when we moved and it was converted to apartments. The old location has a very interesting history!


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