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Cold Weather Menu Ideas

The leaves are beginning to turn beautiful colors and fall to the ground, and a crisp, cool air starts to envelop the outdoors – it must be fall! As the temperature starts to drop, people look for dishes that will warm them up and make them feel cozy inside. It just so happens that it’s also National Chili Week, so it’s a perfect time to readjust your menu for the fall weather.

Here are some ideas to incorporate into your restaurant’s menu. There are a million cold weather menu ideas out there, so it will be easy to tweak them into your restaurant’s style – whether it be Mexican, Italian, Chinese, you  name it!


And for National Chili Week…

Main Dishes

Satisfying Sides

Delectable Desserts

Now that you’ve got a few cold weather recipes on how to fine tune your menu to have more fall offerings, there are certain ways you can play up these new options.269-564

Customers will be drinking more coffee and asking for warm beverage options such as hot cocoa or tea. Make sure you have coffee makers, beverage servers and more to keep your customers warm and happy. You might also be reaching for more mugs as the temperature starts to drop, so make sure you have enough!

Give your tabletops a new fall look by changing out table covers and linens. Replacing your tabletop covers will give your restaurant a clean look, but will also look more inviting. Provide card displays and holders on each tabletop advertising your new fall menu additions. You can also place inserts into menu covers calling out these dishes. Stock up on soup bowls and spoons, because you know customers will be asking for more than they did in the summer.

Looking for more? Read about our fall menu trends in our blog post. What do you usually serve up when the weather gets a bit colder? Let us know in the comments!


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