6 Mobile Apps Restaurant Owners Need Right Now

In today’s society, a restaurant owner is always on the go and must be in contact with his or her operation. Mobile phones have helped expand the many ways owners can connect with employees, vendors, customers and more. New apps for mobile phones have been developed to help owners with important day-to-day tasks and staying in touch with the latest technology in the foodservice industry. Now, what apps are a must have for your restaurant? Keep reading to find out!

What Apps Should I Use?

One of the most popular apps across the board has been ChowNow. ChowNow is an online ordering app that lets customers access menus directly from a restaurant’s website, Facebook page and on the app itself. Once a customer customizes and places their order, it is sent to a tablet at your restaurant for processing and pickup. If you’re looking to reach diners on the go, this is the app for you.People Grabbing for Pizza Slices

If you’re looking to focus on repeat customers, check out Belly. Belly is a “digital rewards system for restaurants that lets users earn rewards points for every visit by simply scanning their rewards cards or codes into their smartphones.” The restaurant gets to decide what the rewards can add up to so you can customize it to fit your customer base.

Diner Connection helps restaurants manage wait times, which can be a make or break deal for potential customers wanting to dine at your restaurant. This mobile app is text-based and allows customers to put themselves on wait lists when they first arrive, and then texts them once their table is ready. Your hostess will greatly appreciate an app like this, because it eases the pressure on managing complex lists and finding customers.

If your restaurant has an extensive wine list, Uncorkd is a really helpful app. This app is for an iPad  only, but it offers diners detailed information about the wines you have available. Customers can find the age, origin and recommended food pairings for each wine, and operators can update the list instantaneously without the need to reprint lists or make special notes for servers when a certain type of wine is out.


Are you looking for a way to improve your payment system or process? Tabbedout is a mobile payment app that lets customers pay their bills via their own smartphone. Customers will have to enter their credit card information along with a passphrase to view their bill. After viewing their bill they will select the type of payment, tip amount and whether they’re looking to split the bill or keep it on one check. This popular app is getting big buzz around the foodservice industry for the ability to ensure proper payment but also allow servers to spend more time helping customers.

There is even an app specially made for quick-service restaurants. The GoPago mobile ordering app allows customers to order food and pay for it directly on their smartphone, and getting to skip a potentially long line in the process. Restaurant owners who have used this app have reported “higher food traffic and more return customers because it greatly lessens the wait, especially during busy times.”

These are the most popular mobile apps for the foodservice industry, and can greatly enhance and help different aspects of your business. It’s important for restaurant owners to keep on the latest technology in the foodservice, because there are new improvements and advancements every day!

What mobile app do you use for your restaurant? Let us know in the comments! 


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