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Restaurant Product Solutions for a More Sanitary and Efficient Environment

As a person who transitioned from the foodservice industry (catering) into the equipment and supply side of things, many of these products I see working here make me say “wow, that really would have been helpful!”  Or, I’ll see something as a consumer and think “wouldn’t that be nice?” Below are some of the products that you may never have considered for your restaurant or foodservice operation that employees and/or customers might really appreciate.

Keep in mind these are just a few. Every time a manufacturer comes in to debut a new product, I usually think “why didn’t we have that when I was catering!?” Visit or call 800-215-9293 and find answers to problems specific to your restaurant.

restaurant ice solutionIce Totes, Scoops and Systems

Scooping ice just requires a scoop and a bucket. Maybe even a cup could work if you’re pinching pennies, how much more complicating does scooping ice need to be?

It doesn’t need to be overly complicated, however, how safe and sanitary is your current set-up?

Take into consideration cross-contamination.  Employees are hard workers, touch everything from door handles to food trays, and after they have scooped ice probably just toss the scoop back into the bin.

Stop right there. Wherever your employees hands have been is now mixed into the ice that you serve your customers.

Or also, think about the puddles that form and create a bit of a hazardous area because the staff had to rush to scoop ice and pieces fell all over the floor. It’s the foodservice industry, these things are normal.  But it doesn’t mean it has to be this way.

Systems such as San Jamar’s Saf-T-Ice Totes/Saf-T-Scoop Ice Scoops/Systems or Rubbermaid’s Safe Ice Handling system nest ice totes to the bin and have scoop handles designed to mount onto the bin to completely eliminate cross-contamination and create for an easier and safer environment.

restaurant pan solution

Edge Steam Table Pans

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to lift a steam table pan out with a knife? How about a fork? Maybe a tong? …yeah, we’ve all been there.

Polar Ware created Edge steam table pans with anti-jam corners to prevent pans from sticking together.

They also have a ½” rise which makes them easier to lift out. Edge pans are also incredibly durable as well. How durable? Just watch this video.

restaurant serving bowlsDurable Serving Bowls

A serving bowl is just a serving bowl…right? Sure! But how many times will staff accidently drop them? If you have just a standard white bowl, does that do anything to enhance the presentation? Will your serving bowls hold temperature?

Vollrath’s colored insulated serving bowls do not need to be preheated or chilled, nor will they sweat. They come in round or square in six vibrant colors–and the bonus is that color will scratch or wear off.

You can trust me on that because when I attended Vollrath University, I saw for myself via several demonstrations that the color is not coming off. See for yourself in this video.

restaurant color codeColor Code

If portion control isn’t a priority at your establishment, just keep in mind you may literally be throwing money out the window.

There are a wide variety of color coded utensils, such as portioners, ladles and dishers to help staff provide customers with the correct portion sizes and reign in costs.

Color coding is also a great way to prevent cross-contamination which is extremely important to the 15 million Americans that suffer from food allergies.

There are a variety of color-coded supplies such as tongs, thermometers, or cutting boards.

San Jamar Saf-T-Zone System for restaurantsSan Jamar’s Allergen Saf-T-Zone System

Speaking of food allergies, if you want to be 100 percent prepared for the customer that comes in with life threatening allergies, there now is a product to help you serve them: San Jamar’s Allergen Saf-T-Zone System.

Why does this matter? We learned from Sloane Miller (MSW, LSMW, author and advocate of if you do not feel you can serve that customer and feel completely percent confident they will be safe when they eat their meal, you should not serve them. (And that’s okay with that customer).

San Jamar specifically designed the Saf-T-Zone System to be an all-in-one kit that includes a cutting board, tongs, turner and chef’s knife all in one case. The only thing it doesn’t include is a thermometer, which you can easily get on our website.

restaurant table purse hookTable Fixes and Updates

Two quick things that will make a difference in tables include:

  • Wobble Wedges or Table Glides: These incredibly cheap fixes will eliminate one of the most annoying situations a customer may experience at your restaurant. Wobbly tables stop here. 
  • Purse and Bag Hooks: Those carrying a purse usually sit theirs next to them, however, sometimes there isn’t room which leaves two options–their lap (uncomfortable) or the floor (unsanitary).  Screw these small hooks onto the bottom of your table to make for a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

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