Vulcan’s Rapid Recovery Griddle Allows For Uniform, Consistent Cooking

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All griddles perform the same way, pharm right? If you’re looking at Vulcan’s Rapid Recovery Griddle, ailment the answer is no. The Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle heats up, recovers and cooks faster than other griddles on the market.

FeaturesRapid Recovery Griddle Material

A Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle is constructed of a composite material that has a stainless steel bottom, aluminum core and another stainless steel top. The aluminum is only one-third of the weight of the steel which makes the griddle much lighter than other competition. This makes the griddle easy to move around and rearrange. The special benefit to the composite material is that it heats up five times faster and distributes the heat much more evenly and allows for a consistent temperature profile. The Rapid Recovery Griddle is Energy Star® certified to save on energy costs.

Pancake Test

Pancake TestVulcan’s Rapid Recovery Griddle has gone through the traditional “pancake test” where batter is poured around the perimeter of the plate to show uniform cooking. This proves that no matter where you cook on the Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle, the temperature will be consistent in any location.

Watch this week’s video and shop Central for the Vulcan Rapid Recovery Griddle. If you’re interested in this product, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call one of our knowledgeable Product Consultants at 800-215-9293.


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