Vollrath Mirage Pro Induction Range

Cook Food Safely and Save On Energy with Vollrath Induction Ranges

Induction Ranges: What Are They?

Induction ranges are known to be much more safe and energy efficient than gas or electric cooking. The pan is heated by an electromagnetic field instead of a flame or electric heating element, meaning an induction range can save on energy bills. Not only can you can touch an induction range with your finger and you won’t burn yourself, you can also spill something on it and it won’t burn, making cleanup a breeze.Vollrath Induction Range

Vollrath Induction Ranges

Vollrath has two different induction ranges; the Mirage Pro and the Mirage Cadet.

The new Mirage Pro features a G4 engine which includes four switches and 100 control settings, allowing for incredible temperature control and durability. Vollrath even gives you a two year warranty with the Mirage Pro. When you’re ready to use your induction range, turn the unit on and add an induction-ready pan to the surface. The surface will sense the pan and then you will see a value show up on the LED display, which stands for the temperature. You can adjust the temperature range from +80°F to +450°F. The Mirage Pro includes comes with a rotary timer that’s easy to feel and turn.

When you take a pan off of the induction range, it will tell you to add a pan again. If you try to use a non-induction ready pan, such as aluminum, and you set it on the range it will immediately indicate it’s not induction-ready and will say “Bad Pan”.

Vollrath Induction RangeThe new Mirage Cadet has a G1 engine with one switch and is a more limited feature item compared to the Mirage Pro. This induction range comes with twenty settings and touch controls for temperature, which makes for easy cleaning. The Mirage Cadet is best suited for presentation cooking, omelet and sauté stations.


In this week’s video, learn all about the Mirage Pro and Mirage Cadet, and see how you can use induction ranges to temper chocolate and create a bourbon filet!

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