National Pancake Week: Essential Supplies and Recipes

Every year, the fourth week in February marks National Pancake Week. Pancakes are one of the most beloved breakfast items, and there are so many variations you can create to serve up. Blini, crepes, flapjacks, griddlecakes, hotcakes, pancakes – whatever you call them, they’re a worldwide favorite!

History of Pancakes

While flapjacks have been a family-favorite breakfast for many years, pancakes are actually an ancient food. The first pancake was printed as early as 1430, and has been transformed for hundreds of years from country to country.

The ancient Greeks cooked flat loaves drizzled with honey and the Romans made pancakes that are similar to what you could find today. Medieval pancakes were usually very thick and heavy, because of the lack of leavening ingredients.

The first colonial pancakes were created by Native Americans using maize, who then taught the colonial settlers how to prepare them. They soon became a staple known as johnnycakes. George Washington is noted for being a big pancake fan, as they were his favorite breakfast to eat.

Essential Supplies


Now that you’ve read up on the history of different pancakes, it’s time to get cooking! What will you need?

Central offers pancake batter dispensers that allow for consistent serving sizes. These dispensers can dispense batter to make small silver dollar pancakes to king size ones. They can also hold a large amount of batter, so you can keep up with a busy breakfast service.

Pancake turners will make the job of flipping pancakes a lot easier on your chefs. Turners have blades on the sides that allow you to easily flip a pancake and slide it onto a plate.

If you’re looking to create the French-inspired pancakes known as crepes, Central has a crepe machine that has cast iron plates and temperature controls up to 450°F, and includes a batter spreader. This machine allows chefs to create the perfect crepe, one right after the other.


All set with your supplies? It’s time to cook! While traditional pancakes will always be a popular choice amongst guests, why not try out some new recipes? From sweet to savory, there are thousands of variations out there!

Savory Pancake Recipes

Sweet Pancake Recipes

As you can see, there are hundred of variations of pancakes, ranging from savory to sweet. If you’re looking for more pancake variations, browse through our Pinterest board. Don’t forget to shop Central for your pancake supply needs!

What’s your most popular pancake recipe? How will you celebrate this week? Let us know in the comments! 


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