Spring Dining Room Ideas

Spring Dining Room Ideas and Tips For Restaurants To Be More Profitable

Spring Dining Room Tips

Happy first day of spring! Whether your restaurant is located in the midwest or the south, we have all experienced quite a crazy winter. As temperatures warm for parts of the United States, and others are getting back to normal, it’s a great time to look at your current presentation. “Spring updating” may not only make customers happy, but help your restaurant be more profitable as well. Below are a few spring dining room tips to help make your restaurant a little more profitable as we transition seasons.

spring dining room ideasDinnerware

Dinnerware will ultimately make or break the presentation of your food. Think about it as a canvas, with every piece added to it making an impact. Dinnerware can change a customer’s perception of their meal, so features such as a thicker rim could help an entree be perceived a certain way. Color plays a pivotal role too. While bright and vibrant colors are beneficial for certain items, keep in mind your establishment and your menu. The color of the food your restaurant serves might be served better on white, which will make it pop.

Also, it may be appropriate to use specific dinnerware for your spring dining room presentation. It may be appropriate to serve entrees on dinnerware you wouldn’t use other times of the year. A few new dinnerware lines and pieces to look into include:

Spring Dining Room IdeasDrinkware

The perfect glass can turn a $3 drink into a $7 drink, especially for seasonal items (hello spring drinks!). It’s important to know who you’re serving and if there is anything your restaurant can improve. For instance, are you currently serving drinks in pebbled tumblers or disposableware but other aspects of your establishment have been improved and it might be time to consider glassware? Or, vice versa? And is there anything you can add, such as a slice fruit, to freshen the drink up a little more? Many drinks can have minor adjustments to take them from a winter beverage to a spring one.

When it comes to glassware, there are a variety of options to choose from ranging from casual to upscale. There are also things to you can do to prolong your glassware, as mentioned in our blog “Why Glassware Breaks and How to Avoid It.” Also, bar drinkware is important to use correctly. A few resources to choose the right glass and be more profitable include:

spring dining ideasTable Presentation

Just as dinnerware is a canvas, so is the presentation of your tables for your customers. From the furniture themselves to the pieces on them that make everything complete, it’s important to make sure you provide a neat and clean look.

Darker colors are appropriate for the winter months, but when spring arrives, brighter colors will set the tone.  This is something you can convey to your customers with a few minor adjustments. Ideas to update tables for spring include:

How does your restaurant plan to make changes for the spring?


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