St. Patrick’s Day: Stock Up On These Restaurant Supplies

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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day 2014

St. Patrick’s Day 2014 is just around the corner on Monday March 17.  This day is a great opportunity for restaurants to run special promotions and events for the customers in their area. While it’s a popular day for bar goers, restaurants can take advantage of opportunities too to gain business and it is vital to be prepared. Below are restaurant product ideas to stock up on for this St. Patrick’s Day that will also be great to have all year long.

Stock Pots, Fry Pans, Skillets and Sauce Pans

Irish stews and pies, colcannon and corned beef are popular St. Patrick’s Day recipes that require a stock pot, saucepan, fry pan or skillet to be prepared. While these are all products in your kitchen already, now is a time to review your inventory. Are the items quality? Do you have any concerns or issues such as food getting caught in rivets of your cookware? If your cookware is non-stick, is the coating peeling off? Does food cook evenly? If you’re finding issues with your current set, it’s a great time to make some changes.

St. Patrick's DayIrish Coffee Mugs

This mix of coffee, Irish whiskey and brown sugar and cream is a popular choice among guests for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s convenient this beverage has a glass specially designed for it, the Irish coffee mug, perfect for the occasion.

Beer Service

Green beer is such a staple for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. But for St. Patrick’s Day or not, having a draft beer dispenser can provide savings and also might be what customers prefer (over bottled). There are a variety of keg capacities, head taps, sizes and exteriors to best fit your restaurant. In addition to that, it’s important to serve from a proper glass. There is a variety of barware available from mugs to glasses to compliment a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


Whether it’s for the green beer or even just for water and soda, a restaurant can’t have enough pitchers. While you might be okay on your current stock, similar to the question with the stock pots, etc., evaluate how your current inventory is working out. Is there a lip or are they hard for servers to pour without spilling? Does the current inventory match up with the decor of your other servingware if it’s on display for customers? Do you need pitchers with a lid? Are they durable?

St. Patrick's DayGreen Linens, Napkins and Table Cloths

Sometimes all a restaurant needs is a touch of color to spruce up a setting. Vinyl tablecloths are a great solution for casual environments available rolled for cost savings or pre-sized for convenience. Table linens can be used in casual or upscale establishments and owning your own set might provide cost savings as opposed to a rental service. If this is an opportunity for your restaurant to save, napkins compliment linens and there are also table covers and skirting–all with green as an option.

Bar Blenders

Most restaurant’s have a bar blender, but with St. Patrick’s Day being around the corner, it’s important to be able to rely on the machine. Technology has evolved and it’s a great time to think about upgrading. Today there are blenders that make drinks in seconds which provide huge cost savings.  There are also blenders that are quiet and do not bother guests, or have easy programming capabilities for one establishment or across an entire chain which is great for consistency.

Visit to stock up for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Many items are in stock and can ship the same day if ordered by 5 p.m., and many items also ship for free. Either way, you can order soon and be ready for this year’s festivities!


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