Cinco de Mayo 2014: Your Restaurant Supply List

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Cinco de Mayo supply list

Cinco de Mayo Supply List

Cinco de Mayo 2014 is just around the corner! Not only is this day restaurant goers visit their favorite restaurants, but really kicks off end of spring/early summer when people enjoy dining out, meaning it is time to restock your essential supplies.

The great about this Cinco de Mayo stocking list is whether you are a Mexican restaurant, or serve Mexican dishes, any of these items will benefit your location year round.

Cinco de Mayo taco holders

Taco Holders

Taco Holders

The last thing a restaurant-goer wants is to have two or three soggy tacos stacked on top of each other. Therefore we bring you: Taco holders! This nifty supply also makes for a really nice presentation.

Chip Warmers

Not only do chip warmers do their job to keep chips warm, but they are kept extra fresh too because the first ones put in are the first to go out.


Baskets can typically take quite a beating since they are used so often. Replace your baskets, which can also be used for bread, appetizers and more.

Cinco de Mayo tortilla bake

Tortilla Bake Pans

Fajita Skillets

Fajita skillets are great to use directly on ranges or under broilers to finish off a meal.

Tortilla Bake Pans

With tortilla bake pans, create perfectly baked taco shells in minutes that are great for taco salads and desserts.

Tortilla Warmers

Serving customers tortillas in tortilla warmers makes them so much easier to consume because the tortillas stay soft and are easier to wrap.

Salsa Dishes and Bowls

Pair up salsa dishes with small carafes to allow customers to refill their own salsa dishes when ready.

Cinco de Mayo tortilla warmers

Tortilla Warmers

Food Processors

With a food processor, slice, dice and more in seconds as opposed to hours of long food prep. (Labor savings!)


A restaurant can never have more than enough glasses. Plus, they’re available in glass or plastic, so choose based off the appropriate setting!

Margarita Madness Blender

We saved the best for last! This Cinco de Mayo, and for celebrations all year long, Waring’s Margarita Madness blender can make 48 ounces of Margaritas in under six seconds. Don’t believe us? You will now!


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