Lakeside is more than just utility carts.

Expanded Lakeside Assortment on

While Central Restaurant Products catalog is a great resource for outfitting your restaurant, business or institution, you’ll find thousands more products on our website.

Recently, we launched an expanded assortment of Lakeside and Geneva carts, kiosks, dish dispensing and buffet display items. With over 650 new items, now is a good time for Lakeside’s Mike Egan, Chief Director of Design, to remind us that Lakeside is “more than just utility carts” via a YouTube video.

More than Just Utility Carts

Geneva Display Mirror

A more attractive food presentation with Geneva mirrored display trays.

Mike explains that while Lakeside has been manufacturing utility carts for over 65 years, the last 8 years they have expanded their “focus significantly to become more of a solutions provider to the industry.” Suggestions from industry leaders in fast food and hospitality have spurred the company to add hospitality carts, dish dispensing, buffet display and many other categories to their assortments.

All Now Available at Central

This updated assortment is now available on Central’s website; from the old stand-bys Utility Carts and Hospitality Carts – to newer offerings like Equipment Stands and Dish Dispensing Carts. Plus, Vending Carts, Meal Delivery CartsDunnage Racks,  and Queen Mary Carts too. And, check out our newly added Geneva Carts and Bars as well as Tabletop Displays.

Simplify large salad preparation and serving.

Simplify large salad preparation and serving

You’ll come for the cart reputation Lakeside has built over 65 years – stay for all the new products they have designed to create a new reputation of a “solutions provider to the industry.”

Remember, a knowledgeable Central Restaurant product specialist is available to help you find the Lakeside items that fit your needs and budget. On the phone or online, shop today.


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