Jackson Conserver® XL

Jackson Conserver® XL Chemical Sanitizing Dishwasher More Energy Efficient Than Ever!

Jackson Conserver® XL

Jackson equipment has been a trusted warewashing manufacturer for the foodservice industry for years. This 85-year-old company has been constantly adapting to the industry’s needs since day one with the goal to always produce warewashing and related foodservice equipment that perform in remarkable ways.

One of the latest updates Jackson has made was to the low temperature Conserver® XL door-type dishwasher, one of the foodservices most trusted machines. There are now added energy savings with this model which in turn puts money back into the pockets of businesses.

Jackson Conserver® XL dishwasher

Jackson Conserver® XL dishwasher

Low Temp vs. High Temp Dishwashers

Before getting into the details of the changes made to the Jackson Conserver® XL, it’s important to understand the two types of sanitizing methods on dishwashers.

High temperature sanitizing machines use the heat of the water to sanitize dishes and glassware. Typically these require a booster heater to raise the temperature of the final rinse to 180°F. Since the heat takes care of the sanitizing, chemicals do not need to be purchased.

Low temperature sanitizing machines, like the Jackson Conserver® XL, use a chemical bath to sanitize. While chemicals need to be purchased, water heating energy costs are lowered.

So which one is better? It depends on what a foodservice is looking for, but low temperature models are typically more efficient. Dishwashers are typically rated in two ways: Energy savings and water usage. High temperature dishwashers can consume up to one-third of the energy used in an operations to raise the water temperature. Water efficiency is rated by gallons of water used per rack and lower temperature dishwashers use less.

If energy savings matter to your establishment, look at low temperature dishwashers with the Energy Star logo, such as the Jackson Conserver® XL. Energy Star rated dishwashers that have earned this rating are on average 25 percent more energy and water efficient than standard units.

Energy Star

Advanced Energy Savings from Conserver® XL

After the latest updates were made to the Jackson Conserver® XL, this dishwasher only uses 1.5 gallons of water per rack and washes 37 racks per hour. These dishwashers are self-draining and have a stainless steel pump to eliminate soil and detergent carryover between wash and rinse cycles.  They also have a dump and fill feature that disposes the dirty water and replaces it with a fresh water rinse every cycle.

This Jackson Conserver® XL has three built-in dispensing pumps for detergent, a rinsing agent and sanitizer. These are controlled by individual priming switches. For removing hard water deposits, the Jackson Conserver® XL also has a delimer switch that makes it easy. Last, there are fully automatic timed cycles for 90 seconds, three minutes or five minutes.

For more information about the Jackson Conserver® XL, or to purchase one, visit it’s product page on our website.


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