Top Ten Products to Cool Off Guests in the Summer

The summer heat has finally hit the majority of the country, which means many customers will be looking for ways to relax and cool off. What products can your foodservice establishment utilize to keep your guests comfortable and coming back in the hot summer months? Keep reading to find out!

1. Ice Machines792-066app

What do guests crave the most when it’s sweltering outside? An ice cold beverage! The only way to make your beverages ice cold is to, well, add ice! Ice will be in high demand come summertime, and some restaurants don’t have a proper machine that will fulfil the amount of ice they need. Make sure your machine can meet all of your guests and kitchen staff’s request.

2. Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets and Soft Serve Machines

What do we all scream for in the summer? Ice cream! Customers of all ages enjoy a cool treat such as ice cream, and dipping cabinets and soft serve machines can suffice anyone’s request. Whether you have the extra space for a large dipping cabinet, or just some countertop space for a soft serve machine, customers will be delighted to enjoy a cool, creamy treat.

3. Frozen Drink Dispensers427-014_app1

Take your beverages up a notch by serving up frozen drinks! Drink dispensers can be purchased in various sizes, ranging from one to even three bowls. You can make new juice recipes, lemonades or, for the adult customers, have alcoholic slushies available. Frozen drinks are a highly profitable item to battle the summer heat!

4. Pitchers and Carafes

Keeping pitchers and carafes full of water on each table is a great way to keep customers cool and comfortable, especially when dining outdoors. Pitchers and carafes come in many different styles to fit your décor tastes, and are available in a wide price range.

5. Outdoor Furniture

One of the best things about visiting restaurants in the summer is the chance to eat outside and enjoy the weather. Customers flock to outdoor dining spaces to sit back and relax. Patios can be highly profitable if your restaurant space allows for one. Equipping the space with comfortable seating and umbrellas allows guests to eat outside and be comfortable at the same time.snowcones

6. Snow Cone Machines

Looking for a great treat to hand out to children and guests of all ages? Snow cones are easy and quick to make, and can be a highly profitable item. Several different flavoring syrups are available for purchase, ensuring a favorite flavor for every guest.

7. Direct Draw Beer Dispensers

For the adult customers looking to cool off, make sure you have delicious cold brews on tap! Beer is a notorious summer staple for dining outdoors, so it’s important to have the proper equipment to keep it cold, and keep it flowing. Direct draw beer dispensers 675_true_tapscome in different sizes, ranging from holding one keg to even four, with many options available.

8. Drinkware and Barware

Central offers a large selection of drinkware and barware that adds to beverage presentation and profitability. Ranging from glassware to plastic barware, there is drinkware available for every type of restaurant. Some of the fun summer collections include the new Aruba line,  Gibraltar line, Libbey Glass Barware and more.

9. Pedestal and Wall Mount Fans

Don’t forget to keep your employees cool and happy when they’re working extremely hot days in the summer. Pedestal and wall mount fans can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, patio or dining room to keep a cool breeze flowing and air circulating. Your employees, and even your guests, will appreciate it!

10. Drink Mixers07k-100_3

Are customers looking for milkshakes and malts? Drink mixers are essential for creating the perfect milkshake! Adult milkshakes (with alcohol) are a notable food trend for 2014. Jump on the wagon and purchase a drink mixer! You’ll be on top of the food trend in your area, and can help keep customers cool!

Shop Central

Looking for other great products that aren’t mentioned above? Shop Central for all of your summer essentials. If you have questions about any of the top ten products to cool off guests, call one of our knowledgeable Product Consultants, who are here to help you make the most informed buying decision!

What are your favorite ways to cool off guests in the summer? Let us know in the comments!


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