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Cooking Equipment: Central’s New Products

Cooking Equipment: Latest Adds!

Central Restaurant Products’ latest master catalog was released on Monday July 7 with hundreds of new and exciting products, many being cooking equipment! Take a look at some of the latest additions to our cooking equipment category and find all new products in our July 2014 catalog (request yours now) or on our website.

combi oven cooking equipment

Vulcan Boilerless Combi Ovens

Combi ovens can be complicated so Vulcan simplified them for the everyday user and came out with ABC series combi oven steamer. This great all-in-one piece of cooking equipment only has three knobs for temperature, time and humidity.  The humidity level control automatically adjusts after the temperature is set.

You can find versions of this combi oven in both electric and gas. With this oven you can bake, steam, roast, air-fry, rethermalize, proof, finish, poach, stew and defrost.

Toastmaster Electric Ranges

Toastmaster released their line of electric ranges in a wide variety of configurations to best fit any food service operation.

Toastmaster electric ranges cooking equipment

These ranges have Baker’s width ovens that feature aluminized steel liners and a +200°F to +550°F thermostat.

Hot plates are 12″x24″ with a 0°F to +850°F temperature range and round French plates are 0°F to +750°F. Griddles are 1/2″ thick with a 0°F to +450°F temperature range. Configurations include:

  • (3) hot plates
  • (2) hot plates and (2) round French plates
  • 36″ griddle
  • (6) round French plates
  • (2) round French plates and 24″ griddle

Blodgett Full-Size Convection Ovens

Blodgett convection ovens cooking equipment

Blodgett’s new convection ovens are perfect starter ovens or for small scale food service operations.

These ovens have solid state manual controls and are available in gas or electric in single or double stack. Gas models use 45,000 BTU (per compartment) in natural or LP gas. Electric models are available in 208V or 220/240V, single or three phase.

These pieces of cooking equipment have a +200°F to +500°F temperature range and feature a 60 minute manual timer, two-speed 3/4 HP fan and 11 rack positions.

Five chrome plated racks and adjustable stainless steel legs are included as well.

Nemco Super Shot Steamer

Nemco Super Shot Steamer cooking equipment

Did you know you could instantly revive cold foods? Nemco released the Super Shot Steamer which uses hot steam to instantly blast moist heat into cold foods. This allows food service operations to warm soft breads, buns and rolls within 15 seconds. This piece of cooking equipment is also great for melting cheese or reheating pre-cooked foods.

Nemco designed this steamer to be compact and easy to use. Simply plug it in and add plain tap water. A push-button action will deliver a full pulse of steam to the product. This steamer has a perforated diffuser pan and trivet combination that won’t clog. This unit can hold a 2-1/2″ half-size food pan.

portable outdoor grill cooking equipmentValue Series Portable Outdoor Grill

Just in time for summer, one of Central’s latest adds to our Value Series line of products is a portable outdoor grill. This light duty charcoal grill has an aluminized steel construction and one person adjustable top grid.

This piece of cooking equipment has steel legs with large 6″ swivel casters for easy transport. It can also fold down after use for easy storage.

Looking for More?

Find all of our latest product adds to our cooking equipment on our website. Keep checking back to our blog to see all of our latest adds for July 2014.


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