Summer’s Over, Time to Think Christmas

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Everybody knows that Santa hangs out at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana each summer. []Photo by C. Clark)

Happy Labor Day, America! Now that we’ve reached the ‘unofficial end of summer’, we have to ask the question: “Do you have your holiday shopping done yet?” While we know that 32 million Americans will wait until the last minute for their personal holiday shopping – the restaurateur will probably need to plan earlier for their restaurant, catering business or institution’s needs. Don’t sweat it, because┬áCentral Restaurant’s product consultants are here to show you some products that will get you ready for your holiday rush.

Start With Some New Banquet Tables

Correll Heavy Duty Plywood Core Folding Tables are great for catering.

Correll Heavy Duty Folding Tables are great for catering.

Planning to host some holiday parties? Need extra seating? Check out the Correll high-quality folding tables we recently added to our assortment. We carry tables ranging from economy-priced plastic top models to heavy-duty plywood core tables that are perfect catering halls or temporarily increasing the table count at your restaurant to handle holiday crowds.

Pair your new tables with folding chairs from National Public Seating. Central carries them in several styles and colors – including some in holiday-themed red and green.

Stock up on Supplies

Remember to stock up on punch bowls, serving utensils, table coverings and other supplies. With holiday parties these items will get a workout and you’ll want to make sure you have backups available to maintain your high standards. ┬áDon’t be a Scrooge and wait until the last minute for holiday ordering. Plus, there are still a few days to save 15% on Vollrath products (promotion ends Friday, September 5th).

..And Some Not So Helpful Suggestions

We had other ideas, but they were shot down. Still, we wanted to pass some along so you could be the judge.

First, we thought it would be nice to be able to recreate that timeless Christmas song using a Star radiant gas charbroiler. It usually is pretty cold outside in December, so we thought about bringing those ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire’ inside. One of our Product Consultants said that would not be a good idea. Who knew?

Not a suitable 'nutcracker'

Not a suitable ‘nutcracker’

Next, we searched our catalog for a traditional nutcracker. Turns out we don’t sell any decorative soldiers with a large mouth used to crack traditional holiday nuts. We suggested decorating a Tablecraft lobster cracker, but was told that would be to much work to create.

Finally, we read how 122 million pounds of eggnog were consumed by Americans in 2007. It sounded like a job for a new gravity-fed milk dispenser. Then we read further into the statistics and learned that this broke down to half a cup per person. If the other half of the cup is being thrown down the drain, maybe a dispenser dedicated solely to eggnog would not be a great investment.

But Seriously Folks

Just because the calendar hasn’t even reached the fall season (more on that tomorrow), doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning ahead. Remember that Central Restaurant’s website is available for you 24-hours a day, and our knowledgeable product consultants are ready to answer your questions and take your orders Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern and each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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