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commercial kitchen equipment

The Importance of Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When outfitting a restaurant or foodservice operation, it is important to choose commercial kitchen equipment. It might be easy to run around the corner and pick up a residential unit. In the long run, it will be the more expensive route. If budget is an issue, you can work to find a commercial unit in your price range. But you need to know the reasons why residential items should not even be an option for your kitchen.

Proper Performance

When working at a restaurant, you are constantly using your commercial kitchen equipment. This type of equipment is constructed to handle the heavy duty use and abuse that a kitchen brings. There are many features of each to help it meet your needs.

commercial kitchen equipmentThere are other elements of performance that are important for commercial kitchen equipment. For instance, different types of blenders, food processors, etc. will have a higher horsepower and better motor that is made to last. If you purchase a residential unit and use it in a commercial setting, it will not last long.

Then in other areas such as refrigeration or cooking equipment, they have larger capacities and more durable features. This will make your restaurant be more efficient.

Commercial is also important for some smallwares. For instance, airpots and coffee servers that are commercial grade will hold temperature much longer. So when you are debating spending a few less dollars on a residential product, know that it will cost you more long-term.

Think of it this way: If using residential equipment in a commercial kitchen, you are basically throwing money out the door.

Safety Features

Commercial kitchen equipment and supplies will have the proper safety features to keep your employees from injuries.

commercial kitchen equipmentThere are also standards put in place on commercial grade equipment, including the NSF rating. The NSF label ensures the piece of equipment meets health standards and will pass inspection if the Health Department drops by.

Keep in mind, if you fail your inspection, it will cost to have the health department come back. And if your restaurant had to be shut down, you would have to pay again to have your health permit reinstated. Play it safe and make sure you use NSF rated equipment in the areas that require it. Learn more about commercial food equipment standards from the National Sanitation Foundation’s website.

Shop Now

To find a wide selection of commercial kitchen equipment, let Central help! If you are choosing residential pieces for your kitchen due to price or for questions, we can help find the proper commercial pieces at the price point you need. Call us at 800-215-9293 or live chat!


Cambro Camshelving® Elements Series Solves Food Storage Needs

Cambro Camshelving® Elements Series

Cambro’s Camshelving® Elements Series is an affordable solution for restaurants and foodservices for all their food storage needs. Weighing 60 percent lighter than steel units, Camshelving® is incredibly easy to set up and adjust. And just because it weighs less than steel doesn’t mean it is any less durable. Camshelving® is constructed of a composite material that is just as strong and has a weldless construction.  It’s one of the most innovative, durable and hygienic shelving solutions on the market.


Camshelving® units have a non-porous surface that easily wipes clean. As far as the shelf plates go, they can be removed and placed in a dishwasher to be cleaned. Camshelving® also includes Camguard® antimicrobial protection that is permanently embedded into the shelf plates.

“Because Camguard® is blended throughout the the entire shelf and does not migrate like organic additives, any nicks or scratches in the shelving will simply expose a fresh surface containing Camguard® antimicrobial,” Cambro said in a Camguard® whitepaper.


Restaurants and foodservices will appreciate the options Camshelving® has in many different widths.  Add-on kits can be purchased to expand a shelving area and do not change shelf weight capacities.  Shelves are available in solid or vented to accommodate different storage areas. There also mobile units available too. Camshelving® can truly be customized to fit any need.

In this week’s video, see just how durable Camshelving® really is and shop Central’s website for all things Cambro.

Waring LiquiLock Food Processor

Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processors

Some restaurants need to prep a variety of food for key menu items. Have you ever wanted to eliminate some of your prep work? Now, you can! Process soups, sauces, marinades and more with a Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processor! LiquiLocks come with a sealed, clear-view bowl that prevents leaks and spillage.

Waring LiquiLock Slicing Disc


The Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processor comes with a slicing disc, shredding disc and grating disc. The single speed with pulse option is perfect for a slow chop, or you can use the easy on and pulse/off controls for breaking down a large amount of food. Reduce your prep time with the help of the extra-large feed chute that keeps a continuous supply of food down into the processor. LiquiLocks come with a high-impact, unbreakable polycarbonate bowl that even resists scratching!


You may think that all food processors are treated the same – but only the Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processor has a limited 5 year motor, 2 year parts and labor warranty, one of the best in the business! The motor is protected from overuse and heavy-duty loads with the help of Thermal Overload Protection. LiquiLocks are the only food processor to have a Sealed S-Blade that locks into the bowl for added safety. The Seal System allows you to pour from the bowl while keeping the blade locked in. Thanks to Waring’s Safety Interlock System the machine will not operate until all of the parts are securely in place.

Strawberry Confetti

Now… what to create with your Waring LiquicLock™ Food Processor? Meet Chef Ralph Perrazzo. Waring LiquiLock Food ProcessorWith the help of this video, you can learn how to make his very own “Strawberry Confetti”. Chef Perrazzo demonstrates the ease of slicing strawberries with the slicing disc. The disc is so delicate it slices without bruising the berries! He also uses the Sealed S-Blade system to scrape out the cream without having the blade fall out into his sauce!

To watch Chef Perrazzo make his unique “Strawberry Confetti” using the Waring LiquiLock™ Food Processor, click here. Don’t forget to visit Central’s website and shop!

Central Restaurant Products Teams Up With Vulcan

Central Restaurant Products released  our latest master catalog on Monday Jan. 14.

For the second year in a row Central has teamed up with Vulcan, which is one of the world’s largest commercial cooking equipment manufacturers. Through this collaboration, Central customers enjoy the lowest prices and free shipping on all Vulcan equipment. In addition, Central now features Vulcan’s full line of products at CentralRestaurant.com

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Vollrath’s Direct Contact Heating System Warms More Efficiently

Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System

Vollrath never fails to provide efficient foodservice equipment and supplies, and it especially includes the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System.

Vollrath’s innovative thinking enables them to provide some of the best products and they certainly stayed true to their goal with their Direct Contact Heating System. 

This system uses a high efficiency warmer with heating elements that are in contact with the water as opposed to being on the outside of the element.  This saves so much heat as there aren’t any vents.

There are many features and benefits with the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System, one of the largest being its low amount of wattage usage.

Chef Rich of Vollrath explains because they are more efficient at transferring energy into the water, the Vollrath Direct Contact Heating System has enabled them to use a 700 watt element. Other warmers typically need 1200 watts or more.  Many foodservices with this 700 watt element can put three of these units on a standard 120V/20 amp circuit whereas other units using 1200 watts or more can max out with one or two. It’s extremely important to never overload your circuit.  Once at 80 percent, it’s time to re-evaluate because one should never exceed 80 percent of a circuit.

Click to watch this week’s video.


Low Prices and Free Shipping on Star Manufacturing

Central Restaurant Products and Star Manufacturing have joined forces for an exclusive promotion featured on Central’s website and in their 384-page Fall catalog. This promotion, available until Dec. 31, 2012, will offer Central customers low prices and free shipping on all Star equipment.

Star is a valued manufacturer of countertop gas and electric commercial appliances, hot dog and cooking preparation equipment, popcorn machines, specialty food warmers, display merchandisers and toaster and waffle bakers. Central has hundreds of Star products in these categories to meet a variety of foodservice operation needs from restaurants and concessions to school and government cafeterias.

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