Tuesday Tip: Revisit Common Food Safety Practices this Fourth of July Holiday!

Happy Fourth of July! As we celebrate our nation’s independence over this holiday, it is common for restaurants to experience increased volume. As Restaurant.org points out, it is always important to follow proper food safety, but this increased traffic provides an opportunity to revisit some basics. Here are a few quick food safety tips via […]

Tip of the Day Tuesday: Food Safety Tips

Food safety is paramount in a commercial foodservice environment. Following proper procedures in preparing and storing foods will save you much headache from customer illnesses, not to mention the local health inspectors. Harmful bacteria can thrive at temperatures between +41°F and +135°F. This is known as the danger zone (cue Kenny Loggins). For our Tip […]

Farm to School, Food Safety, and the Benefits of a Produce Safety System

Farm to School October is National Farm to School Month, a time that encourages reflection and appreciation of the hard work our dedicated farmers do for all of us on a daily basis. Farm to school places special emphasis on the relationship between schools and local food producers devoted to delivering fresh, healthy foods to […]

San Jamar food safety

Practice Food Safety with San Jamar Products!

San Jamar In 1984, three investors created San Jamar which has become a leading manufacturer for food safety, counter service, personal safety and washroom products. When it comes to their selection, each and every product San Jamar creates is customer driven. The process often begins working alongside companies to learn every facet of their operation. From […]

Refrigeration and Food Safety

Food safety is the paramount concern of any food service operator. As the largest part of an operator’s costs, proper refrigeration equipment and cold food storage techniques should be a major part of any safety plan. This plan should start when making your refrigeration purchase decisions, carry through everyday operations and look to the future to […]

Celebrate National Food Safety Month Year Round

Did you know that September is National Food Safety month? If you did not, it’s probably because a successful restaurant operator knows that food safety is important every month…every day…and every hour. Their customers and employees expect it. According to the NFSM website, the event was created in 1994 by the National Restaurant Association to […]