Links for 10/16/08

The Small Business Administration has a number of helpful resources for new businesses, including online training, information on financing, and a business plan tool:

Recipes, articles and trends for anyone who is into food: The Food Channel.

The National Restaurant Association’s TakeCharge program is designed to help improve your efficiency and generate more revenue with programs such as gift cards: TakeCharge.

A bold, creative business resource for the restaurant community: Slammed.

Local resources for the foodservice industry: State restaurant associations.

4 thoughts on “Links for 10/16/08

  1. Food Channel

    Thanks for your reference to The Food ChannelĀ®. We welcome visitors to the site. We also offer a great widget for either recipes or food trends if you or your readers are interested in putting that on a food or blog site. We want to do all we can to support those who want more food knowledge!

  2. Jim Spence

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  3. Restaurant Recipes

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