New white paper: Running a restaurant

The response to our new white paper on running a restaurant has been tremendous!

We tried to cover the major aspects of the restaurant business from opening to advertising. For instance, the Small Business Administration provided information about loan programs, and even helps first-timers develop a business plan in order to apply for financing.

The (free) paper also includes information about choosing a location, buying equipment, designing the kitchen and dining room and some of the major current issues surrounding the restaurant.

Much of the information came from our product consultants. Many of them are Certified Foodservice Professionals (CFSP); the major accreditation for the foodservice industry.

I also used the CFSP study guide, published by NAFEM, and several other food-industry trade journals.

The white paper is available on our website, — we would love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “New white paper: Running a restaurant

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