Who’s afraid of the big bad swine?

What are restaurants doing to take precautions against spreading the swine flu, now known as the H1N1 virus?

According to an article in QSR Magazine, managers for the National Restaurant Association’s annual show in Chicago acknowledged the outbreak by placing about 140 hand-sanitizing stations on the show floor, as well as an information center, where visitors could ask questions about the virus.

What are restaurants doing to acknowledge the outbreak? Have there been staff meetings? Perhaps retraining on proper hand washing techniques? How many restaurants offer not just soap, but hand sanitizer to their customers? Are diners asking for it? Has the virus affected restaurant traffic?

According to a Gallup poll, 6% of Americans said on April 30 they did not go shopping or to a restaurant last week because of concerns about the H1N1 virus. Gallup did note that concerns about the virus have not yet affected consumer spending, at least here in the U.S.

For more resources and information, NRA and EcoLab released an H1N1 Toolkit to help prevent the spread of influenza viruses in restaurants.

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