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Of all the restaurant supplies out there, I think flatware is one that is often overlooked so I thought this week I’d revisit and go over some maintenance and care tips for flatware as well as a few guidelines on what to look for when making a purchase.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel used in flatware is composed of different types and amounts of steels. The main component in flatware is chromium and nickel, which helps the steel resist corrosion.

Therefore flatware that is 18/10 means that 18% is chromium and 10% is nickel. The higher the nickel content, the more protection the flatware has from corrosion. Prices of stainless steel flatware vary depending on the composition.


Your restaurant’s seating arrangements will help you determine what goes on your table – consider the theme of your establishment. Not every restaurant requires a demitasse spoon, oyster fork and steak knife. Make sure anything you put on the table serves a purpose. The appearance of clutter will leave a negative impression with your guests, so any piece of flatware or glassware should be absolutely essential to the meal.


“Make sure the flatware is washable and is washed properly,” says Scott Ebbert, a CFSP foodservice equipment sales manager, “and make sure it is a heavy grade.”

Your flatware should be durable enough to withstand the level of use you anticipate. Some patterns naturally hide scratches and wear, while other styles can accentuate them.

Last, and this may seem obvious; Ebbert advises taking precautions to ensure flatware isn’t thrown away. San Jamar makes a tableware retriever lid for your waste container to catch any silverware that might accidentally be discarded by staff or guests. San Jamar also has a disposer saver and magnetic scrap block to prevent flatware loss.

Additional resources

Talk to one of our foodservice equipment & supply experts about the different types of metals and brands of flatware and, ask us where to find the best price.

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  1. Cookware

    Excellent site! Where did you come up with the knowledge in this post? I’m pleased that I found it though. I will check back soon to see what other posts you submit.

  2. Dani Brabaw

    Wonderful! I’m glad you like our site. This information was gathered in part from the CFSP (certified foodservice professional) handbook. You can contact on of Central’s Foodservice experts for more flatware solutions at 800-215-9293. Check back for more helpful information. Thanks for the comment.

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