Day 5 – Color Chalk Boards: sidewalk marketing made easy

Just want to thank everyone who has participated in our Winter Wonderland giveaway. We’ve had a fantastic response and we’re hoping to do more giveaways like this in the future. Its just a great way to thank our customers and provide even a little relief to those who might be struggling during these tough times.

Thanks so much!

We’ll be announcing the winners for Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s drawings on Monday morning. Those who sign up today will be entered to win a color chalk board.

It may seem like a simple item, but in today’s atmosphere of fierce competition, anything that can set you apart and draw people inside from the sidewalk can really make a difference.

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According to the Restaurant Blog, the appearance of a sidewalk menu board on the outside of a restaurant is as important as the menu on the inside.

Here are some tips on marketing your menu effectively with a color chalk board:

  1. Make sure the board is in good condition. This board is scratch resistant with a lightweight wooden frame, so it’ll stand up to some wear and tear on the sidewalk.
  2. Make sure the writing is clearly legible from a distance. Remember, the idea is to draw in those who might not have noticed you otherwise. Have your most artistic person do the writing!
  3. That said, be creative – but don’t go overboard. Using one or two different colors is fine, but if you have an busy melange of swirls and filigree, your signage will overwhelm onlookers and have the opposite effect.
  4. If you’re marketing a daily special, be sure to include the price! Especially in this economy, patrons can be put off or apprehensive if they don’t know the cost of an entree before they come in, and some people are too bashful to ask. If you give them a price up front, it eliminates the chance of alienating cost-conscious customers.

Stop by tomorrow for details on our next prize giveaway – a Kenkut 3 foil and film dispenser.

Central Restaurant Products

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