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We’re kicking off our Winter Wonderland Daily Giveaway today — from now until December 12, we are giving away a daily prize and posting a daily product review on the enter to win!

Up for grabs today is a set of six full size sheet pans – here are some qualities to look for in a sheet pan and some of the specs.


The first thing you want to look at in a sheet pan is the material – there are some stainless steel sheet pans out there, which is better for preparing foods with high acidity because it won’t pit. But in the case of a baking pan – where high-acid foods aren’t usually a factor, aluminum is perfectly acceptable. It is just as effective at conducting heat as stainless steel and depending on the thickness, can stand up to just as much use (or abuse) in the kitchen.

Which brings us to gauge…

The gauge of a sheet pan refers to it’s thickness. The thicker the pan, the smaller the gauge number. Your average standard duty sheet pan is going to be 16 to 18 gauge. Heavy duty sheet pans can be 12 or 13, or even 10 gauge. Heavy duty sheet pans can stand up to just about any abuse in the kitchen and won’t dent, warp or pop in the oven under high heat; for normal, every-day use, a 16 gauge, medium-duty sheet pan is sufficient.


Sheet pans are now available that are designed with a silicone glaze, eliminating the need for a separate baking mat. These are helpful for breads and rolls that tend to stick.

Some sheet pans can also be perforated, which circulates air more evenly – useful for crispier breads and rolls.

For more information about sheet pans, check out, and while you’re there, please enter to win!. We will randomly select a name from today’s entries and announce the winner on the website and blog tomorrow.

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  1. Denver RE

    It is really amazing what a difference a good sheet pan can make for cooking a variety of recipes. Any serious baker is very particular about their kitchen supplies and sheet pans in particular.

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