Holiday catering food safety tips

Congratulations to Nancy R. of Ash, NC – winner of a really cool reversible black and white wet-erase marker board.

Today’s winner is going to get something really UNcool- a Fusion triple well warmer. ( a little food warmer humor, haha.)

Central Restaurant Products

This warmer is ideal for buffet lines, concession stands and other venues where foods need to stay warm – it keeps hot foods hot, appetizing and ready to serve.

It comes with three third-size food pans, three covers and a pan frame. The warming tray can be used alone, or with the pan frame to securely hold food pans. Adjustable temperature control: Off, Low (150°F), Medium (175°F) or High (200°F). There are cool-touch handles on the warming tray and skid-resistant feet for safety.

We published a holiday catering guide a few weeks ago with some helpful info on making the most of holiday catering season. It include some broad tips and tricks for catering events and parties, but I thought I’d go into greater detail today on some of the food safety guidelines surrounding buffets and catering.

This information comes from – pretty much the leading authorities on food safety! (Plus, a lot of our product consultants are CFSP, so they’re also a great resource for food safety issues.)

  • Cook foods thoroughly before the party: Pull out your food thermometer and use the mimimum cooking temperatures chart.
  • Keep hot foods hot: Use chafing dishes, crock pots, and warming trays to keep hot food hot. Use a food thermometer to make sure that the internal temperature of the food is 140° F or higher.
  • Keep cold foods cold: Store cold foods in the refrigerator until serving time. On the buffet table, place plates or bowls of cold food on ice.
  • Follow the Two-Hour Rule: If the food’s been out at room temperature for more than two hours, throw it out! After two hours, bacteria can easily multiply and cause foodborne illness.
  • Wash those hands: Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after you handle food.

Also check out this USDA podcast on keeping food safe on the buffet table; and this USDA video about not letting foodborne illness ruin your holiday!

Come back tomorrow to find out who won the Fusion warmer, it could still be you! Go to and enter to win.

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    A lot of people are relying on caterers especially during the Holidays. Its is therefore very important for caterers to ensure that the food they serve are safe to eat. These tips that you shared are very helpful to achieve this goal. Thanks for sharing a very informative article.

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