Is your bar up to par?

Morning folks! Just in time for the holidays, our fantastic copywriter has put together a compendium of resources for bartenders and restaurant operators…so without further ado, here it is – the only bar guide you’ll ever need.

On average, restaurants typically derive between 12% to 25% of their sales from alcoholic drinks. Take into consideration that drinks do not require as many ingredients or as much prep time as food, and you can see that your bar could potentially be a very profitable area of your restaurant! This collection of tips, trends and recipe suggestions will help you get your bar up to par—and help you to earn the largest profit margins possible.

Is your bar stocked with the top selling spirits?

More than 800 restaurant owners and operators were asked to list the three most-ordered alcohols in their bars in 2008. Don’t risk disappointing customers because you weren’t fully stocked with these popular spirits:

  • 90% Vodka
  • 42% Rum
  • 35% Tequila
  • 25% Bourbon
  • 23% Scotch
  • 21% Gin
  • 18% Flavored Vodka
  • 18% Whiskey

Once you’re fully stocked, be sure you use your menu or tabletop signs to advertise the liquors you offer. In a study conducted by R&I Magazine, consumers revealed that they would have ordered an alcoholic drink if they had known it was available.

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Shaken, not stirred…martini essentials

Do you have what it takes to make a martini? Some say gin, some say vodka. No matter what alcohol you choose, be sure you have these essentials to make martinis of any kind:

martini glassstrainer
cocktail shakerjigger

Make a mojito!

Made with white rum, a mojito is a classic cocktail that combines sweetness, refreshing citrus and mint flavors.

Original Mojito — Supplies you’ll need:
bar glasswarecocktail muddler
jiggerlime squeezer

Ingredients you’ll need:

  • 1 part white rum
  • 3 parts club soda
  • 12 mint leaves
  • ½ lime
  • ½ part Sugar

Directions: Place 12 mint leaves, ½ part sugar and ½ lime in glass. Muddle well with a pestle. Add white rum, top off with club soda, stir well and garnish with sprigs of mint or a lime wheel.

Myth or reality: The perfect margarita

With so many different ways to make a margarita, is there really such thing as a perfect margarita? Whether it’s frozen or on the rocks, made with limes or with strawberries, with or without salt, how you make the perfect margarita is totally up to you—or your customer. If you have all the right tools, your margarita will be perfect every time.

Supplies you’ll need:
margarita glassbar blender
shot glassglass rimmer
lime squeezercocktail shaker

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • 6 oz. tequila
  • 6 oz. Triple Sec
  • 2 oz. Rose’s lime juice
  • Fresh limes

Directions: Fill blender with first three ingredients and turn on. Add ice gradually and blend until the consistency is thick and smooth (similar to that of a milkshake). Cut lime in quarters; use one quarter to squeeze lime juice around rim of glass and then cover with salt. Pour drink into glass and garnish with lime wedge.

It’s all about the glassware

It’s important to have the appropriate glass for each type of alcoholic beverage you serve. Using the right glass shows off the drink, and can act as an enticing advertisement to other patrons that have yet to order. There’s also a practical reason for using the right glass—each glass was designed specifically for each type of drink served. For example, because a martini is served without ice, martini glasses generally have long stems to keep the cocktail away from the drinker’s warm hands. Use the following list to find the appropriate glass for each cocktail you serve:

beer glassbrandy snifterchampagne glass

margarita glassmartini glasstropical daiquiri glass

shot glasswhiskey glassred wine glass

white wine glasswine glass

Don’t forget the wine!

Not sure if you should offer wine on your menu? Compared to other alcoholic beverages, wine can be much easier and quicker to serve. To serve a glass of wine, you only need to pour the proper serving amount in the glass, eliminating time-consuming tasks like adding ice, measuring liquors, shaking cocktails and adding garnish.

Not only can you benefit from quick, easy service of wine, buy you can also benefit from increased sales and profits. According to a study by R&I Magazine, 21% of consumers are ordering more wine this year than last year!

If you plan to offer wine, be sure you have these essentials:




What’s on tap? Beer tips & tricks

Similar to wine, beer is an easy add to your menu because serving is so simple. According to a study by R & I Magazine, more than 25% of adults say they order beer away from home at least once a week, meaning it is also profitable to offer beer.

Draft beer dispensers are great for full-service bars. They can quickly fill multiple servings of beer and reduce the amount of waste from bottles and cans. Not sure about serving draft beer? Use bottle coolers to serve individual bottles of beer and cut down on the amount of glasses you need to wash each night!

If you plan to offer beer, be sure to have these essentials:



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