Marker board signs for the artistically challenged

Congratulations to Mary H. Maryville, TN! She won the ice bucket and tongs, martini shaker and wine sleeve in yesterday’s drawing.

Today’s giveaway prize is a double-sided wet erase board with one white side and one black side. The hardware is rust-resistant stainless steel to protect it against the elements. It also comes with pre-attached hooks for either vertical or horizontal hanging and rainproof markers (pink, blue, yellow, green and white).

Central Restaurant Products.

Last week when we gave away the color-chalk board, I talked about some of the ways you can use the board for sidewalk marketing. Today I thought I would continue on that same path and talk about some easy ways to create good-looking signs on your marker board. Even if you’re not an artist – you can fake it in three easy steps…

Here’s a quick tutorial from WikiHow on how to draw block letters:

Three-dimensional block letters are great for headings and lettering on marker boards and it doesn’t take a professional artist to make it look good.

According to this Wiki, the key to making them look 3D is to give the impression that light is shining on them and casting a slight shadow. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by writing the letter you want to draw.
  2. Outline the letter with ONE thin line.
  3. Connect the ends of the inner letter to the corners of the line around it.
  4. Decide where your light source is going to be. You can draw a circle or square or some other symbol that will let you know where the light is coming from.
  5. Pretend you are looking at a real block letter sitting in front of you. Shade in the spots that light isn’t shining on.

Tomorrow we’ll be giving away a Fusion triple well warmer – Stop by and sign up to win.

Central Restaurant Products.

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