Weekend Winners + Day 7 giveaway: Mosa Whippers and Chargers

Congratulations to our weekend prize winners!

  • Pizza & Snack Merchandiser Winner: Diane S. of Greensburg, IN
  • Color Chalk Board Winner: Jon G. of Charlottesville, VA
  • KenKut 3 Winner: “Chef Pab” of Colorado City, AZ

Today’s winner will receive a Mosa cream whipper and charger set, a $113 value: this tool is ideal for making whipped cream and sauces. It is also perfect for garnishing cappuccinos, coffees, shakes and ice cream.

Central Restaurant Products

It’s easy to use; simply add cream (depending on your recipe you may use additional ingredients such as chocolate, flavored coffee mix, vanilla or powdered sugar), charge the unit, shake, and while holding the whipper vertically with the decorating nozzle pointed downwards, dispense your whipped topping.

It is stainless steel, dishwasher safe and NSF listed. Whipped cream will stay fresh for two weeks when chilled in an airtight environment. Mosa chargers have universal threading and will fit any model of dispenser.

Stop by CentralRestaurant.com daily and sign up to win – tomorrow we are giving away a barware set with an ice bucket and tongs, martini shaker and wine sleeve.


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