1,992 new products in our 2010 Master Catalog

Central Restaurant Products’ 2010 Master Catalog will be in mailboxes this week, featuring 24 new pages and 1,922 new items from the industry’s top vendors. Central provides expert solutions and personal service with a team of experienced in-house product consultants.

The 2010 catalog will also offer new brands such as BarMaid, Leer, Saniserv, Radiance and Centaur.

“While we can provide most any restaurant equipment or supply item manufactured for the food service industry, we’ve added a record number of new products spanning all categories of foodservice equipment and supplies to our new 2010 Master Catalog,” said Central Restaurant Products’ President Mark Korros.

Some of the products hand-picked for the 2010 Master Catalog include:

Additionally, CentralRestaurant.com features expanded options searching, browsing product lines, ordering and managing your account. Visit CentralRestaurant.com to shop new products online or request a catalog.

2 thoughts on “1,992 new products in our 2010 Master Catalog

  1. Commercial Refrigerators

    I’m looking forward to getting the calendar this year. It is fun to see some of the new things that you will be adding. Great list of new products/companies, there is a lot to learn about each year in this business.

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