Making Moves For Healthier Eating In School

Ever wonder what adults think about the lunches served in school? According to Mrs. Q, an elementary school teacher who blogs about what she eats from her school’s cafeteria everyday for a year, there is a huge need for students to be served better, healthier lunches.

In a previous post I wrote about the new Let’s Move campaign First Lady Obama has started and as well as the plans President Obama has for schools across the country. Although these are great steps forward, the President and First Lady can only do so much; schools need to make some moves towards serving healthier food.

Mrs. Q is right, children need healthy food, it is vital to their growth process. Teachers, administrators, parents and anyone else that ever serves food to children need to realize now is the time to teach them healthy eating habits.

So what is the problem? According to this article some schools refuse to serve anything with less than 80% approval rating of students. The article also talks about a “brunch for lunch” menu. This is an extremely popular option but not very healthy. Schools should invest not only in healthier food but also in health promoting foodservice equipment. Instead of using a fryer to make fries consider using a steamer. This will cut down on fat among other  advantages cooking with steam provides. Another way to make lunches healthier is to clean fruits and vegetables with a Saf-T-Wash System. This system helps kill bacteria, viruses and more without using chemicals.

The government is beginning to  take steps to promote and provide healthier eating in schools but it can’t be done alone. Step up and make a move to provide your students and children with healthier foods.

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