National School Breakfast Week starts March 8

School Breakfast - Ready, Set, Go!


The 22nd annual National School Breakfast Week will be March 8-12, 2010.   Sponsored in part by the School Nutrition Association, the program helps to raise awareness of the availability of the School Breakfast Program to all children by celebrating a fun theme. For 2010, the theme is “School Breakfast…Ready, Set, Go!”

The SNA offers a variety of free tools and resources that school foodservice staff can use and distribute to communicate the importance of eating a healthy, balanced breakfast. The free materials teach students that eating a school breakfast makes them ready for a day of learning and achievement, and meets dietary guidelines.

Other free resources from the SNA include Menu Ideas, Activity Sheets, Downloadable Presentations and more.

Celebrate National School Breakfast Week at your school by trying a few new breakfast options:

Fresh Fruit Bowls: Use fruit choppers/wedgers to quickly prep apples, melons, citrus and more for a bright, healthy menu choice.

Bran or Whole Wheat Baked Goods: Add in some seasonal fresh fruit for increased flavor, color and nutritional value.  Try different formats for the finished product, such as muffins, breads or cakes.

Flavored Milks: In addition to the standard varieties of white milk, offer your students options like strawberry-, chocolate- or banana-flavored milks.  The additional options may appeal to students that “don’t like milk.”  Use a milk cooler that can hold milk crates–you won’t have to spend time sorting the different varieties you offer.

Scrambled Egg Whites: A healthier option than traditional scrambled eggs, you can add extra flavor and color by throwing in some shredded cheese, diced vegetables or cooked meats.  Quickly make up a large batch using a tilt skillet.

French Toast Sticks: Serving full slices of French toast can easily result in students eating more than recommended serving sizes, or large amounts of uneaten foods that get thrown away.  Before cooking, cut full slices of bread into 3 equal parts to easily control proper serving sizes and reduce food waste.  Use syrup dispensers to let students serve their own syrup to save your foodservice staff time.

Have any breakfast ideas you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear them!

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