Central Restaurant Products Launches School Nutrition Equipment Guide in Support of First Lady’s Childhood Obesity Plan

School Nutrition Equipment

Central's School Nutrition Equipment Guide Catalog

Central Restaurant Products will launch its first School Nutrition Equipment Guide campaign in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative against childhood obesity.  Central’s campaign, which includes a print catalog and an online information area, is aimed at providing the latest products to help improve workflow, promote food safety techniques and encourage healthy food preparation methods in public and private K-12 school districts, colleges and universities.

The School Nutrition Equipment Guide Catalog will be available beginning Monday, March 29, 2010.  The Catalog contains more than 3,000 commercial foodservice products that are useful in any school foodservice application, as well as a simplified buying guide to some of the top-requested products.

In addition to the School Nutrition Equipment Guide Catalog, Central will launch a new area for school foodservice and nutrition information on their website.  This new school foodservice area will allow shoppers to browse through a selection of equipment and supplies that are recommended for usage in school kitchens, cafeterias, food courts student unions and teachers’ lounges.

Whether shopping by catalog or online, Central’s Product Consultants offer free expert solutions for any school foodservice application.  Services include facility workflow advice complete with CAD drawings, assistance with state/federal grant applications and customized product recommendations based upon need, budget and current trends, such as the Let’s Move initiative led by Michelle Obama.

The goal of Let’s Move is to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation, making it more important than ever for schools to put major focus on healthy foods and cooking methods.  Central’s School Nutrition Equipment Guides offer the equipment and supplies necessary to perform the following healthy cooking methods promoted by the Let’s Move initiative:  baking, braising, poaching, roasting, steaming, stir-frying and grilling/broiling.

One of the most popular of these healthy cooking methods is steaming foods in a countertop steamer or combi oven.  Foods are cooked by the heat of the steam (created by a simmering liquid at the bottom of the cooking chamber), which helps to maintain the color, texture and nutritional value of the food.  Since foods are not cooked by direct contact to the heating surface, the need for adding extra fats or oils to the food prior to cooking is eliminated.

To obtain a School Nutrition Equipment Guide Catalog, you may call 888-893-9998 or submit a request online for your free copy.  You may also visit the School Nutrition Equipment Guide online at www.centralrestaurant.com/schoolsolutions.html.

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