Saving Money and the Earth

Going Green is a more efficient way to operate and you can save money on your water bills, electric bills, taxes and more while decreasing the amount of pollution. Explore these links for more information.

  • If you are interested in saving money and reducing pollution, consider Going Green. This site can help you determine the changes you can make to save money and the Earth.  Also, find information about grants, loans and incentives available for businesses going green.
  • Energy Star products can save you money while fighting global warming. Use their savings calculator to determine how much you could save.
  • If you are budgeting for remodeling, look into grants and loans offered by the government.

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One thought on “Saving Money and the Earth

  1. Refrigerator Gaskets

    Thanks for the helpful tips on how to save energy. It always blows me away that to save energy also means that you get to save money, too. Sure the upfront costs might be there, but over time you come out ahead, and so does the world. Win-Win as far as I see it.

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