Teak Wood Furniture: Little Maintenance Required

Teak furniture is one of the most expensive types of outdoor furniture for good reason.

Teak requires very little maintenance. If you like the honey brown color of teak simply apply a teak oil or teak protector. If you prefer the silver-gray color teak becomes when unprotected there is no need for protector. Whatever your preference there are some things to know about teak wood.

  • Teak furniture is considered a superior product.
  • Teak isn’t vulnerable to the issues that other woods are.
  • Teak is resistant to moisture, wind, pests and humidity.
  • Teak furniture, untreated, can last up to 75 years outdoors.
  • Although teak wood is durable it may develop small cracks over time. Treating the wood will help protect the furniture from this.

Although little maintenance is required there are things that need to be done to your teak furniture.

Does your teak furniture need cleaning?

A mild dish soap and water will do the trick. If the furniture is particularly bad just add a little bleach to the soap and water and scrub the soiled spots.

Has your teak furniture turned the silver-gray color and you want to return it to the honey brown color?

Teak cleaner can restore the teak to its natural color. This process is simple and does not require heavy scrubbing.

Teak furniture is not only durable but can be aesthetically pleasing to you and your customers when maintained properly.

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